Why does my ex boyfriend still call me every so often?? help!!!

ok here's the story! I'll try to make it as short as possible my ex an I were together for 6 1/2 years! engaged an very very close best friends I had no indication at all he was leaving me when he did also I have a daughter that he fathered since she was 6 months old (shes now 8yrs old) we were trying to have our own child together also I adored his mother we had a great relationship our families were very close she was a real grandmother to my daughter also we were very close as I said he even carried my little brothers casket who died in a car accisedent 2/2/04 we couldn't get and e closer than that any way he left me! an for a new girl we've been apart for 14 months now he absolutely ripped my heart out an crushed me still to this day he moved in with her an they live together if he loves her why does he still call me? at first I admit I slept with him after he was gone for 6 months I thought we'd get back together now I tell him to go f*** his self an stop calling an he don't an I will never sleep with him again! he called to wish me a happy birthday on my bday he won't leave me alone he says he don't love her an still loves me which is bull shit so what does he want ? he left me so why does he bother me still he ain't getting ass from me so what is it? I just can't believe after all we went thru an did for each other he would want to intentionally use me or hurt me still I don't understand it at all please help!


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  • First of all, sorry to hear about your younger brother R.I.P. He flat out misses you and wants you back. He is hoping that if he keeps calling you will just give in and tell him that you want him back. I'm kinda going through the same situation right now. She is seeing another guy who she basically left me for and now she is e-mailing me and phoning telling me that she feels alone and she misses talking to me. But the fact is, is that they are still with that person. It would be a different story if he broke up with her and said he wanted to start over. But even then, could you ever trust him again? he wants to play boths sides of the coin, which is a dick thing to do. Stick to your guns and keep telling him to piss off! I admire you for all you been through though. If he really doesn't love her and loves you then he would have moved out and ended his current relationship and started to really prove himself to you. Instead he is all talk over the phone with his petty little phone calls. When he calls don't even give him a chance to speak because he doesn't deserve it. Hope I helped! Stay strong and hang in there.

    • Thank you for your input I'm never taking him back no matter what!!


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  • YOUR ex is a total jerk. You deserve so much better than that. ANY girl deserves someone better. If he really loved you he wouldn't have left you for another girl in the first place. He really doesn't know what he wants. He probably wants you and her at the same time. I know it really sucks when a guy uses you. My ex boyfriend I dated for over 2 years kept dumping me and asking for me back when he really needed me or something. We both need to get away from these assholes. GOOD LUCK. There are so many more better men who have it together.

    • Hell yes girrl !!! no more assholes for us!!! lol I hear ya thank you for ur input

  • Yall were close. Why not be friends? I mean you said so yourself how close you were. He just doesn't want to lose all of you. I mean you were engaged and your families were tight. But it that is too hard/weird/wrong to you since he left you for another girl I understand. You are just going to have to talk to him or just ignore him until he stops. But I think he still loves/cares for you and he is realizing he made a mistake. Word of caution, if he cheats/leaves you once they will do it again. So be careful, for your kids and your sake, if you take him back. But yeah he wants you back. Its your choice and I would think real hard on 1. Whether you want him back 2. Friends, or not friends.

    • Def. is way to hard to still be friends an tempting also so I can't neva an I even broke contact with his mom who still wanted to speak but couldn't because it was sooo hard!!