Phone call or text message?

Why do girls take text messaging so seriously? Honestly, I have noticed on here that girls will judge a guy because he won't text back right away, won't text back nearly enough or he just doesn't text back sometimes.

What I find hard to believe is that most people will choose to text message someone rather than calling them up.

In my opinion you can tell a lot more about the person because of the way they talk to you, the tone of their voice, and you can figure out if they really are busy at the moment because if they are distracted then they will sound distracted, or they will actually be paying attention to you if they are not.

All I'm saying here is that girls or guys should not get to worried if you don't get a reply right away from a text message, and if you really need to communicate with that person then you should just call.

What does everyone think about this?

Phone Call > Text Messages! Yes!


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  • I so agree with you 100% girl's go over board so much when there guy friend or boyfriend doesn't wright them back, every stop to think he could be busy with work, family, school stuff friends, the world doesn't go around you and you only. They have a life too.

    • Yeah! I know huh? I mean when she doesn't reply I don't sweat it! and 9 out of 10 times she was busy and the other 1 she didn't hear the phone! :p

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    • It's okay I gave ya best answe lol and an extra point, so I hope that made up for that! :P

      Yeah people seem to get kinda offended about trivial stuff huh? :<

    • I guess so, lol

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  • When a guy doesn't respond right away, we think that the guy doesn't like us enough to be excited when we text him. In our minds we cannot understand how a guy wouldn't be excited if a girl he liked texted him. We think that if the guy was really interested in us he would text back right away because he would be anxious to talk to us and get together as soon as possible and we figure he's just not interested if he doesn't immediately text back because it shows that he's in no hurry to see us again or talk to us. Its stupid but that's the way we think.

    • Were not puppies :(

      I mean we get excited but we aren't going to text you in like 30 seconds time you know? We do love it when we get text messages from girls but we sometimes don't reply back right away because we don't want to seem to clingy. Make sense? :P

    • Yeah it makes sense but girls think irrationally when their emotions become involved. When we like a guy its like an emotional roller coaster haha. He looks at us, we get happy. He smiles at us, we get happy. We text him and he doesn't text back in 2 minutes, we get upset and we think he's not interested. Then he texts us back in 5 minutes and were all happy and hopeful once again haha :D.

  • Well, me and my ex used to text each other a lot because it was entertaining and fun to read random texts from him, especially when I least expect it... Its like passing notes to your crush back in the day in elementary school, with the excitement about what he's going to write next... It's a nice way to communicate every now and then, but I believe a couple should also talk on the phone, not only text...A combination of both is my ideal thing...

    But with the case of my ex, he carried his phone with him literally EVERYWHERE... He would text as walked down the halls in college too, so if he didn't respond to me within the first 20-30 minutes, I would assume something is wrong since he always wrote back instantly...

    So for me, I'd have to know what the guy's lifestyle is like before I can get mad at the time it takes him to respond... If he works alot, I can understand...But It all depends on the guy...

  • I must say I agree with ggazelles. As far as text vs. calling goes I think texting is more casual. Like I might think a guy liked me if he called me a lot but I wouldn't be as quick to think that if we just text messaged a lot. Usually I give a guy a good 15 minutes to a half hour before I decide he isn't answering. It is kind of rude not to answer unless you're working/in the shower/etc., so I assume he's doing something like that if he doesn't answer. But I do expect that if you're doing one of those things you might be kind enough to at least tell me what you were doing at your earliest convenience, like within a day or so, otherwise I'll assume you're avoiding me, mad at me, or just a jerk so then I won't talk to you for a little while.

  • yeah, I agree with you, I prefer a guy to call me so I can actually hear his damn voice and I know he isn't doing something while he's texting me.

    Texting is a load of sh*t for me.

    If a guy doesn't text me back, I would get pissed for a bit-so calling is way more important. it shows that you have interest I think. texts are so impersonal

  • I totally agree...if you want to talk, call.

    I always thought the whole point of a text message was like email - they'll see it when they've got time to check their phone. Which means that it could be right then, or hours from now...not to mention that on occasion texting isn't instant. I've had a few never go through and some that delay for hours.

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  • Jesus tapdancin Christ textin can p*ss me off. sure a few texts in a day are no big deal, but nothing aggrivates me more than having to pick up the damn phone every 2 minutes to read some sh*t and respond imediately. I'm tryin to get sh*t done, and I can't be textin some stupid sh*t every 3 minutes. and if I don't respond right away I get that " you there?" crap. its so damn annoying. so indirect too. women, make a phone call now and then god damn! sure 1 text to see if they are busy or not before calling is convienient. phone calls can come at bad times, sure. but texting is a lot of work when you do it that much. I don't like putting forth that kind of effort. you can get so much more said and heard with a traditional phone call. like you said, then you can understand the tone of voice and over all attitude. I hate texting personally. before you know it, you have 100 messages on your phone and there still coming. half of the time I don't even respond to them, or make up some sh*t about how its runnin up my phone bill. if a girl wants to hear from me, I'll be glad to take her calls.

    and thank you for finally bringing this to attention, its time some one spoke up, so I appreciate it

  • Girls aren't going to like this, but it's because of their egos.

    Girls have huge egos. They would rather text than talk because they don't have to worry about being responsible for what they say. As long as they're not responsible, they don't have to deal with the consequences. And if they don't have to deal with the consequences, then they don't have to claim it as a fault of their own.

    Girls truly believe that they have no personality flaws or emotional faults, except when claiming that they're not perfect, because thinking their perfect is a bad thing as well. Girls want to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they'll do whenever they have the opportunity to do it when they don't have to be responsible for the consequences.

    It may sound like I'm bashing, I'm not... I'm jealous.

  • Because they're dumb? Come on, chicks loved Hanson.

  • I agree completely, I hate texting versus calling...but then again texting was not around when I was 15-20!. lol I had a pager but it was a bitch to decode long messages! lol good ol days!.

  • girls tend to over-analyze everything.

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