Phone call or text message?

Why do girls take text messaging so seriously? Honestly, I have noticed on here that girls will judge a guy because he won't text back right away, won't text back nearly enough or he just doesn't text back sometimes.

What I find hard to believe is that most people will choose to text message someone rather than calling them up.

In my opinion you can tell a lot more about the person because of the way they talk to you, the tone of their voice, and you can figure out if they really are busy at the moment because if they are distracted then they will sound distracted, or they will actually be paying attention to you if they are not.

All I'm saying here is that girls or guys should not get to worried if you don't get a reply right away from a text message, and if you really need to communicate with that person then you should just call.

What does everyone think about this?

Phone Call > Text Messages! Yes!


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  • I so agree with you 100% girl's go over board so much when there guy friend or boyfriend doesn't wright them back, every stop to think he could be busy with work, family, school stuff friends, the world doesn't go around you and you only. They have a life too.

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      Yeah! I know huh? I mean when she doesn't reply I don't sweat it! and 9 out of 10 times she was busy and the other 1 she didn't hear the phone! :p

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      It's okay I gave ya best answe lol and an extra point, so I hope that made up for that! :P

      Yeah people seem to get kinda offended about trivial stuff huh? :<

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      I guess so, lol