Giving my number to a guy?

So I saw this guy at target who I thought was so cute! I want to give him my number, but I'm totally freaking out haha. So guys what do you think when a girl give you her number?


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  • you've got nothing to lose. Right?

    • True! Nobody wants to hear no ha ha I'll just have to suck it up and do it :)

    • That's the spirit! if you're about to do it but are having second thoughts just know that he will probably never see you again if he rejects you, so you have no issues regarding people judging you.


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  • It's very flattering. Tends to put a bounce in your step the rest of the day.

    • aw! very cute!

    • That good! At least I'd make his day even if he didn't like me back haha

  • Its cool to me, I generally give my number/email on a card just to make it less awkward, and to prevent questions like these from showing up ;) But we'll take it, better yet ask to Facebook each other, even less stressful!

    • Good idea! I'll write it down on paper so that way we don't have to do that whole put your number in my phone thing :)

What Girls Said 1

  • A guy I know always types the girl's number into his phone and then dials it on the spot to make sure it's really hers. I figure he must have been duped a few times, but often the girl's legitimately given him her home number so he can call her at home and he gets upset that she's not picking up her cell. (I knew the girl in question and she doesn't even own a cellphone, which I had to explain to him later, when it was too late and he'd already blown up at her.)