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What does it mean when a guy friend wants to ''cuddle''?

Me and my guy friend were at my house and we were just talking like we always do...but later in the day he starts looking at me and making funny jokes he never said or showed that he liked me in any way so I assume that he doesn't so I never said anything after he went home he texted me I should come over again and nex time we could cuddle I asked him what he meant and he said what I'm saying is that we need to watch a movie or something and cuddle...i never replied but I'm confused does he like me? or is he gay?or is he just being a good friend?

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What Guys Said 2

  • He wants to be close to you without being outright rejected. If you like him, say yes to the cuddling. Guys like being pressed up against girls they like. There is nothing gay about a guy wanting to cuddle a girl.

  • He likes you.He's trying to break out of the friend zone, and that's pretty impressive. Not many men have the courage to make the attempt.Give him a shot, you'll probably find a very caring and devoted partner, who can also be a good friend to you.

What Girls Said 4

  • I think he does like you. I don't think he's gay or just being that good of a friend either to just cuddle with you.

  • He thinks you're cute and wants to get up on that ass hahaha he doesn't sound gay. Especially if the next thing he asks for is to spoon. I think he does like you but you should ask!

  • he likes you. no guy I know wants to cuddle with me if he doesn't like me

  • I think you should cuddle him :)