My female friend likes to cuddle but I have feelings for her--what do I do?

I've been hanging out with this chick for about a year now and I really like hanging with her. Early on I asked if she wanted to be more but rejected me, though she still continued to try and hold my arm/hand and use my lap as a pillow. After I while I asked her to stop with the physical stuff... Show More

NOTE: Tried the friends with benefits route the first time (at multiple angles) shutdown

Most Helpful Girl

  • I say fight fire with fire but get just a more aggressive with the physical stuff but not too aggressive. You know like small pecks on the cheek, making kissy faces, I'd say even go as far as a little tap on the ass every now and again. I mean come on dude it's flirting 101 lol. And I think that if you do this it might slowly cause her to like you more, and more, and more, Good luck

    • Again, been there done that except the kissy faces (not my thing). Not new to the game, just really lost haha. But I'll take your advice and start playin the full-court press cause I don't know what else to do. Thanks