My female friend likes to cuddle but I have feelings for her--what do I do?

I've been hanging out with this chick for about a year now and I really like hanging with her. Early on I asked if she wanted to be more but rejected me, though she still continued to try and hold my arm/hand and use my lap as a pillow. After I while I asked her to stop with the physical stuff because it just drug up old feelings for me. She got mad and we didn't talk for a month. We've just started hanging again but a couple of nights ago we went out to with friends, and she tried dancing with me and hung all over me most of the night. Eventually she took me back to her place and when I went to sleep on the couch she told me to come into her room and had me get in the bed. We fell asleep cuddling (me rubbing her head and her playing with my fingers with her arms/legs wrapped around me). I don't know what to do, I want to be her friend if that's all she wants but for some reason she can't let the cuddling stuff go (and I can't do that if I want to truly be her friend because it just makes me want to be more than friends with her), what do I do? I would also like to add she started talking to me again and wanting to hangout more after I broke up with my girl I just happened to meet and be seeing while we weren't talking.

NOTE: Tried the friends with benefits route the first time (at multiple angles) shutdown


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  • I say fight fire with fire but get just a more aggressive with the physical stuff but not too aggressive. You know like small pecks on the cheek, making kissy faces, I'd say even go as far as a little tap on the ass every now and again. I mean come on dude it's flirting 101 lol. And I think that if you do this it might slowly cause her to like you more, and more, and more, Good luck

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      Again, been there done that except the kissy faces (not my thing). Not new to the game, just really lost haha. But I'll take your advice and start playin the full-court press cause I don't know what else to do. Thanks