How to win him? Please help I'm desperate please?

So I'm friends with this guy but I really like him I think I actually might be in love with him. But I've drunk called him a lot and we always talk. A few days ago we were talking about the first time I ever drunk called him back when I didn't really know him and he said he was really concerned that he felt like a father and he never feels like that and that he realized he was never concerned about anyone like that in his life that I was like a daughter to him at that moment. and 2 nights ago we had a 7 hour conversation about really deep things and how we wanted to have cuddle sessions and he thinks I'm a really special girl and how much he loves me but then last night he was being weird and awkward I know he probably doesn't like me but I love him and I need to know how to win him or even if I can win him and how he might feel about me.. please help