Girl with boyfriend gives me her phone number

So I meet a pretty cool girl the other night, we chat for bit and I ask for her phone number. She says she has a boyfriend, and that was the end of that. 10 minutes later when I'm chatting with some friends, she comes back and says "I still really want you to have my phone number" and gives it to me. She says she thinks I'm a great guy and wants to hang out sometime. The next day she texts me and wants to come over and hangout, if it wasn't for previous engagements I would have definitely said yes. A friend of mine says I'm heading to the friend zone, but I've been friends zoned before and this doesn't feel that way. What's going on?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She's probably having doubts in her relationship. In long term relationships that happens a lot where your significant other gets what I like to call "mini crushes" on other people. It'll never really pass from there if she's really in love and loves her significant other, but you never know. She'll flirt with you and really like you and she might really feel something for you but if she really loves her boyfriend then she won't do it, she won't cheat. However, you musn't kiss her or hug her or do anything to disrespect her boyfriend. I'd say it's best for you two to hang out a couple times and see where it leads, if you get strong feelings for her and she gets strong feelings for you then maybe her boyfriend isn't the one, but don't make any moves on her. Let her be the one to make a move because she's the one who's up to the test. I think (if you really like her and she really likes you) that you should kiss her, once. And, after that tell her that she should decide what she really wants. If it's you, great, if it's not then let her go and get out of her life. Forget about her, it might take a while but you will. Either way do not be the cheater in this situation. Kiss her once so she can decide whether it's you or him that she wants but nothing past that. Let things play out, if it's meant to be it'll work out. Best of luck :)