When certain girls touch me a strange feeling happens?

OK here is the deal. When certain girls touch me like the brush of their hair or the hand on my shoulder I get this tingling feeling and it feels good. But when other girls touch me I get no feeling at all. I have had an older women touch my shoulder and I got the feeling and I have had girls around my age (23) touch my arm and I got the feeling. And not to long ago a girls hair touched me and same feeling but when I look to see who it was a 12 year old looking girl and that made me sick because it was so wrong. But it got me thing this feeling is not effected by age but something else. My question is what is this feeling and what makes this feeling happen?


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  • The exact same thing has happened to me my whole life! I don't know if you believe in this kind of thing or not, but the woman I always went to (who used to be my neighbor) when I had a problem or issue or just wanted to talk, told me that there were many different forms of feeling an aura from somebody. She told me it could come in a tingling sensation, a good feeling, or a color. It could just mean that you are getting positive vibes from these people. Or it could just be your bodys reaction to touch. There are many people who have this feeling! And it doesn't have to be with aura's. Once I was getting a tattoo done, and when the guy accidentally brushed my arm when he was changing ink, I had that feeling. He was an old guy who I definitely wasn't attracted to, but it still gave me that feeling and I was okay with it because I knew it was just a reaction tons of people have! It isn't wrong at all.


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  • You like being touched by the opposite gender...so it sounds like any girl can get you this feeling (until you look at the person at least).

    I think this feeling may be happiness to be noticed a way or another?

  • Rofl. Tingling sensation eh?

  • Like in the tip of the penis? No worries, it happens.


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