How long should you wait to ask out a girl?

I see her once a week and I've only talked to her a couple times. I'm not 100% sure she's interested or if she's just being friendly. I don't want to ask too soon, but I don't want to ask too late either. Remember, I'm talking about a girl who I see during the day at school once a week for a few hours, not some nightclub thing where I'll only see her once and never again.


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  • The next time you see her, ASK HER OUT!

    Or else someone else who thrives on thought more than action WILL ask her out, and you'll be pissed for waiting so long.

    This is one of the biggest mistake a guy makes with females. There IS no "perfect moment". Take the date itself (assume you will be told "yes"), as the "getting to know her".

    Would you rather get to know her while dating her (and she's "off the market")...


    ...or get to know her as a friend, someone else can ask her out freely and she can say yes, all while running the risk of being FRIENDZONED?!?!?!?!

    Think about it.


    Frankly...why are you waiting to ask her out?

    • well, I've only talked to her twice...the second time I talked to her, it crossed my mind a couple times, but it felt like it'd be too forced/awkward. Maybe the third time I'll feel more comfortable doing it now that we've broken the ice.

    • I did get her number though the second time I talked to her. So I also didn't want to seem too eager.

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  • Ask her out next time you see her. There's no such thing as too soon, she either already has some interest in you or she doesn't. That's not going to change by waiting. If she's going to say no, I can bet she would say no regardless of whether you asked now or later. Same doesn't go for the other way around though...if she has interest and thinks you only like her as a friend, she might pursue/be pursued by someone else and then it'll be too late, so might as well go for it!

  • Just go for it.

    • yeah, but when? How many times should I have talked to her to where it won't be random I ask her out?

    • when you are brave enough to just ask...

What Guys Said 8

  • I don't see how it would benefit you to wait.

  • Asking a girl out right away is not creepy at all. Women like a bold man. Some profesional PUAs have turned the "direct approach" into an art form.

    • I know. It's just harder to wrap my head around since it's during the day and I see her every week.

  • You should have asked her out the 1st time you met her; you have to be faster than your competition.

    • as far as I see, there's no competition. And, trust me, asking her right away would've come off as creepy and desperate (I'm not good enough to pull it off yet).

  • i'd say don't wait more than a week

  • I think you just need to develop the confidence and go for it the next time you see her.

    • I admit that being rejected the last five times I asked someone out has hurt my confidence. I don't even know what to ask her out to anymore.

  • Don't wait...but keep it cream cone or coffee or something light and easy...if that goes well then maybe try lunch or something...would be different if you knew her...but I used to try to take some stranger to a more formal is really intimidating..o.O

  • The sooner the better. The longer you leave it, the more likely you'll be f-zoned.