Do you like getting hugs?

If you do, what kind?

Hugs from the front...

Hugs from the back...

Hugs from the side...

Bear hugs...

Passionate hugs...

Pick-up hugs ...

I love ALL hugs, form just about anybody.

Tell me what hug you like.

This question has a poll!

  • Vote A I love Hugs. (state it)
  • Vote B I don't know.
  • Vote C I am neutral.
  • Vote D I wear free hug T-shirts. *x DDD*
  • Vote E I don't like hugs. (state why not)
I am going to make myself a "FREE HUG" T-shirt, and see what happens.

I need to video tape it and put it on YouTube or something, x D.
Just to be clear, for those who feel this question is stupid ...

DOn't waste your time here, please.

> = /

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    I LOVE hugs! They are my favorite! It's not uncommon for me to hug people before getting their name. And I've been told I'm very good at it! :)

    Here is a video of a guy on the street in Canada who gives free hugs. He's a professional and I think he wrote a book on it! link

  • I love getting hugs from people I want to get hugs from, if you don't want them it's just awkward.

  • I am not a buggy person but some of my friends are so I hug them because I know they like it.

  • i love giving and getting hugs yay

  • With guys, I love hugs from the back and around the waist with his cheek resting against my cheek, a tight hug. And I want him to squeeze me gently.

    With everyone else I love frontal death grips! Not literally lol. I don't get hugs normally, but I adore them so much.

  • Guys I'm interetsed in Bear,Pickup,Tight/Squeee,and Hug from back.

    Family...Bear, Front,Pickup and spin :) :)

    Anyone else front

  • Depends.

    My boyfriend? I would never want to let him go. =D

    My family? Sure

    Random people? (especially males) No.

  • I love hugs! ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  • Love them only when they're from the right person :)

    Others..even friends..not so much, don't need to touch them :p

  • I for some reason since a young age have'nt liked being touched. So I hug family sometimes and my best friend and boyfriend always

  • I like any type of hugs, my favorite one would have to be where my boyfriend ( when I actually have one lol) is cuddling me before we go to sleep and when we wake up we're still cuddling (^_^)

    The only times I don't like cuddles is when

    1.) I don't know them/ Don't like them

    2.) They smell bad.

  • Ok, I actually love hugs, but only from certain people. I'm very uncomfortable with touching/being touched by most people. But if I like you and want you to break my touch barrier, I can't get enough of having you close.

  • I like hugs from someone I like, not some random person. Those are always really awkward hugs

  • I only like hugs from people I'm close to.

  • I only like hugs from people I really care about (close friends/ family members). It seems odd to me to hug everyone goodbye at the end of a night going out or something like that when I haven't even really spoken to most of them. As for what kind of hug, I don't really care.

  • I think in general I wouldn't oppose it...unless they stunk

    what a stupid question...! LoL!

    • Stupid question ...?

  • When someone (that I know, not a complete stranger) hugs me, it makes me feel wanted.

  • I like all kinds~ :)

  • i love hugs. they make me feel all appreciated and sh*t ;)

  • pick-up hugs :)

  • I love ALL KINDS OF HUGS! <333333333333

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  • I love getting and giving hugs!

  • I like it from the front, back or side. :P . Of course any kind. From a girl or a close guy friend. HUGGS! :P

  • Lol I have a free hugs shirt.

  • no I dont

  • i love giving bear hugs to girls... any girls want one?

  • it depends on someone who hugs me and our situation.

  • Entirely depends from who.

  • I like hugs from the front from girls...trolololololol

    • I like hugging girls too. friends and the occasional ex GF.

  • I like hugs from the front, hugs where I pick them up, hugs from the side, bear hugs... I've never quite had a hug from the back though :p

    • Haha yay! :3

    • I appreciate that! *BIG SUPER HUG!*

    • @Update: Lol this question isn't stupid at all, dw :). Good luck on your free hug campaign! :P

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  • Yes, I like them. I like all types, except the pick-up hug.

  • I love hugs. I am surprised so many people are neutral about it.

  • Yeah, I like getting hugs.

  • I love getting hugged...

    By a girls thighs...

    • Oh, heck, yeah!

    • oh yummmm

  • Who doesn't like hugs? I don't like hugs when they're unexpected from a stranger.

    Cali is right with her description

  • I do, but I rarely ever get them. Like, not even once every six months...

  • I just love hugs.

  • love hugs :)

    • Lol, I see!

    • @update: I think "free handjobs" would get more responses :P or free blowjobs

  • I love hugs, but only from my girlfriend, otherwise I am neutral to family hugs and feel uncomfortable with anyone else hugging me. I don't like being touched, it's one of my obsessive compulsive behaviors.

  • I don't really know, it's been a long time since I've even touched another persons hand or something let alone hugging someone.

    Forever alone.


    The worst part is I actually I have a tear in my eye thinking about how I miss just holding someone.

    • Awww

    • Awww ... *hugs you* I didn't know you felt that way.


  • yeah I love hugs(from girls).

    when I like a girl, I like to hug her from behind and kiss her cheek.

    and spooning and her head on my chest are the best.

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