Do you like getting hugs?

If you do, what kind?

Hugs from the front...

Hugs from the back...

Hugs from the side...

Bear hugs...

Passionate hugs...

Pick-up hugs ...

I love ALL hugs, form just about anybody.

Tell me what hug you like.

  • I love Hugs. (state it)
    64% (113)70% (61)66% (174)Vote
  • I don't know.
    4% (7)1% (1)3% (8)Vote
  • I am neutral.
    22% (39)13% (11)19% (50)Vote
  • I wear free hug T-shirts. *x DDD*
    3% (6)6% (5)4% (11)Vote
  • I don't like hugs. (state why not)
    7% (11)10% (9)8% (20)Vote
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
I am going to make myself a "FREE HUG" T-shirt, and see what happens.

I need to video tape it and put it on YouTube or something, x D.
Just to be clear, for those who feel this question is stupid ...

DOn't waste your time here, please.

> = /


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love hugs and give hugs alllllll the time :)

    Front hugs are always the best hugs. They can be tight and warm.

    Back hugs are acceptable with your so.

    Side hugs are meh. They're friendly/strangers hug.

    Bear hugs are awesome, as awesome as passionate hugs.

    And pick up hugs are romantic hugs. I picture my pick up hugs on the beach by the sunset.


What Guys Said 39

  • I love hugs. I am surprised so many people are neutral about it.

  • Do you like getting hugs? Yes, I love receiving them and also giving them 100%.

    I'd welcome all of the above hugs you stated and embrace it and would gladly do all of them to someone else with a smile! Haha

  • I don't care for hugs... why? Simple:

    I don't hug men, and I don't hug a woman unless she is my girlfriend or wife. Seeing as I have neither, No hugging for me.

  • i like a nice winter warm hug:) from all sides.its just something a the cold weather that makes hugs better.

  • I give and receive them, but only if the time is appropriate.

    Deep down it always feels weird though. I'll never be used to contact in general. I generally live fairly isolated.

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What Girls Said 57

  • Love them only when they're from the right person :)

    Others..even friends..not so much, don't need to touch them :p

  • I usually don't like much physical contact with people.

    I like hugging people I really care about. Acquaintances, strangers, etc., I prefer not to hug.

  • +--+



    +--`.¸.Hugs! ?(-??~-~)?�

    • Awee it messed up ):

      But it said I heart hugs lol.

    • Ooooo, that's cute.

      How'd you do that!?

  • Ok, I actually love hugs, but only from certain people. I'm very uncomfortable with touching/being touched by most people. But if I like you and want you to break my touch barrier, I can't get enough of having you close.

  • I don't like hugs because my parents were not really affectionate with me or with each other or with anyone. We just don't say mushy stuff or do mushy things to one another. It's in our culture.

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