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Do you like getting hugs?

If you do, what kind? Hugs from the front... Hugs from the back... Hugs from the side... Bear hugs... Passionate hugs... Pick-up hugs ... I... Show More

This question has a poll!

  • Vote A I love Hugs. (state it)
  • Vote B I don't know.
  • Vote C I am neutral.
  • Vote D I wear free hug T-shirts. *x DDD*
  • Vote E I don't like hugs. (state why not)
I am going to make myself a "FREE HUG" T-shirt, and see what happens.

I need to video tape it and put it on YouTube or something, x D.
Just to be clear, for those who feel this question is stupid ...

DOn't waste your time here, please.

> = /

Most Helpful Opinion

  • I love hugs and give hugs alllllll the time :)Front hugs are always the best hugs. They can be tight and warm.Back hugs are acceptable with your so.Side hugs are meh. They're friendly/strangers hug.Bear hugs are awesome, as awesome as passionate hugs.And pick up hugs are romantic hugs. I picture my pick up hugs on the beach by the sunset.

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  • I don't like hugs because my parents were not really affectionate with me or with each other or with anyone. We just don't say mushy stuff or do mushy things to one another. It's in our culture.

  • I LOVE hugs! They are my favorite! It's not uncommon for me to hug people before getting their name. And I've been told I'm very good at it! :)Here is a video of a guy on the street in Canada who gives free hugs. He's a professional and I think he wrote a book on it! link

  • I usually don't like much physical contact with people.I like hugging people I really care about. Acquaintances, strangers, etc., I prefer not to hug.

  • I enjoy hugs, even from people I have first met. Hugs make the enviroment more joyful and less awkward for me :)

  • I'm neutral...sometimes I like them...most times I don't care for em'

  • I'm neutral. I don't like random people touching me. If you're a close friend, I don't mind hugging you, but otherwise, hands OFF. I prefer cuddling with VERY close friends.

  • +--+++++++(¯`v´¯)+--`.¸.Hugs! ?(-??~-~)?�

    • Awee it messed up ):But it said I heart hugs lol.

    • Ooooo, that's cute.How'd you do that!?

  • I love ANY hug from my boyfriend. But I really love if he just hugs me from the front and holds me like that for a few minutes.With other people, it depends on who they are...Normally I prefer people don't touch me at all unless I know them REALLY well.

  • I love hugs. In fact,I just got a hug today from one of the directors at my job:)

  • I love all hugs too :)

  • Guys I'm interetsed in Bear,Pickup,Tight/Squeee,and Hug from back.Family...Bear, Front,Pickup and spin :) :)Anyone else front

  • Love hugs, the bear hug, chest-crushing, pick-you-up and swing you around kind of hug. Really anything that gets the man to hold me.

  • I for some reason since a young age have'nt liked being touched. So I hug family sometimes and my best friend and boyfriend always

  • I like all kinds~ :)

  • Wish I could get hugs often, feels forever. :'(

  • I love bear hugs! I don't know why, I just do. haha

  • With guys, I love hugs from the back and around the waist with his cheek resting against my cheek, a tight hug. And I want him to squeeze me gently.With everyone else I love frontal death grips! Not literally lol. I don't get hugs normally, but I adore them so much.

  • Love them only when they're from the right person :)Others..even friends..not so much, don't need to touch them :p

  • I like any type of hugs, my favorite one would have to be where my boyfriend ( when I actually have one lol) is cuddling me before we go to sleep and when we wake up we're still cuddling (^_^)The only times I don't like cuddles is when 1.) I don't know them/ Don't like them2.) They smell bad.

  • I only like hugs from people I'm close to.

  • pick-up hugs :)

  • hug always a sign of a happy person.

  • hugs are my favorite! lol I like all kinds hahah

  • I love giving hugs especially when one is down. I love to receive my boyfriend bear hugs every once on awhile. it makes me feel great knowing that I can give someone a hug

  • Depends on who the person is, but I love giving hugs more so than getting them for some reason, well let me say initiating ( unless it's a guy I'm crushing on, lolMale crush or SOS: ALLFamlily or friends: Bear hugs, hugs from the side, hugs from the front.

  • It depends but mostly no. If I like the person then maybe.

  • Not when I first meet/ get to know someone. I have to warm up to them before I become affectionate

  • Ok, I actually love hugs, but only from certain people. I'm very uncomfortable with touching/being touched by most people. But if I like you and want you to break my touch barrier, I can't get enough of having you close.

  • I like the hugs from the front, back, bear hugs, passionate hugs, & pick-up hugs<3 Those are all the best c:

  • I love hugs! Anytime, any place, any way, any person. Hugs are effing amazing.

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