Do you like getting hugs?

If you do, what kind?Hugs from the front...Hugs from the back...Hugs from the side...Bear hugs...Passionate hugs...Pick-up hugs ...I love ALL hugs, form just about anybody.Tell me what hug you like.

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  • I don't like hugs. (state why not) Vote E
I am going to make myself a "FREE HUG" T-shirt, and see what happens.

I need to video tape it and put it on YouTube or something, x D.
Just to be clear, for those who feel this question is stupid ...

DOn't waste your time here, please.

> = /

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  • I love hugs and give hugs alllllll the time :)Front hugs are always the best hugs. They can be tight and warm.Back hugs are acceptable with your so.Side hugs are meh. They're friendly/strangers hug.Bear hugs are awesome, as awesome as passionate hugs.And pick up hugs are romantic hugs. I picture my pick up hugs on the beach by the sunset.

What Guys Said 39

  • I love getting and giving hugs!

  • I like it from the front, back or side. :P . Of course any kind. From a girl or a close guy friend. HUGGS! :P

  • Lol I have a free hugs shirt.

  • no I dont

  • i love giving bear hugs to girls... any girls want one?

  • it depends on someone who hugs me and our situation.

  • Entirely depends from who.

  • I like hugs from the front from girls...trolololololol

    • I like hugging girls too. friends and the occasional ex GF.

  • I like hugs from the front, hugs where I pick them up, hugs from the side, bear hugs... I've never quite had a hug from the back though :p

    • Haha yay! :3

    • I appreciate that! *BIG SUPER HUG!*

    • @Update: Lol this question isn't stupid at all, dw :). Good luck on your free hug campaign! :P

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  • Yes, I like them. I like all types, except the pick-up hug.

  • I love hugs. I am surprised so many people are neutral about it.

  • Yeah, I like getting hugs.

  • I love getting hugged...By a girls thighs...

    • Oh, heck, yeah!

    • oh yummmm

  • Who doesn't like hugs? I don't like hugs when they're unexpected from a stranger. Cali is right with her description

  • I do, but I rarely ever get them. Like, not even once every six months...

  • I just love hugs.

  • love hugs :)

    • Lol, I see!

    • @update: I think "free handjobs" would get more responses :P or free blowjobs

  • I love hugs, but only from my girlfriend, otherwise I am neutral to family hugs and feel uncomfortable with anyone else hugging me. I don't like being touched, it's one of my obsessive compulsive behaviors.

  • I don't really know, it's been a long time since I've even touched another persons hand or something let alone hugging someone.Forever alone. link The worst part is I actually I have a tear in my eye thinking about how I miss just holding someone.

    • Awww

    • Awww ... *hugs you* I didn't know you felt that way.=)

  • yeah I love hugs(from girls).when I like a girl, I like to hug her from behind and kiss her cheek. and spooning and her head on my chest are the best.

    • I don't hahThank you ;)

    • Don't mind haters. *hug*

    • haters

  • I like getting hugs. Especially hugs from behind with a girl who it attractive and smells so good. Ahhh!

  • Love hugs.

  • When a girl hugs me it is awesome I feel liked and wanted

    • Free hug t shirt sounds cook

  • I don't care for hugs... why? Simple:I don't hug men, and I don't hug a woman unless she is my girlfriend or wife. Seeing as I have neither, No hugging for me.

    • I see ...

  • I like all kinds but I adore a sneak attack hug from behind. :)

  • I LOVE hugs, but I only like to get them from certain people in certain conditions.

  • I love hugs of all forms.

  • I like hugs... kinda depends on who they're from tho.

  • Do you like getting hugs? Yes, I love receiving them and also giving them 100%.I'd welcome all of the above hugs you stated and embrace it and would gladly do all of them to someone else with a smile! Haha

  • I don't really care either way. It depends on who is hugging me.

  • I'm good with all of it..(:(:(:

    • @Update...How will I find you for my free hug?.../:/:/:

  • No I don't like hugs,... uncomfortable

  • I like hugs, its a more meaningful way of greeting or saying goodbye.

  • I don't like hugs because I don't like people :P

  • I love hugs! Full hugs though :)

  • I give and receive them, but only if the time is appropriate.Deep down it always feels weird though. I'll never be used to contact in general. I generally live fairly isolated.

  • i like a nice winter warm hug:) from all sides.its just something a the cold weather that makes hugs better.

  • I give rib crushing hugs.

  • The only hugs I like from strangers are hello and good bye, and if they need to be comforted.

What Girls Said 56

  • I love getting hugs from people I want to get hugs from, if you don't want them it's just awkward.

  • I am not a buggy person but some of my friends are so I hug them because I know they like it.

  • i love giving and getting hugs yay

  • With guys, I love hugs from the back and around the waist with his cheek resting against my cheek, a tight hug. And I want him to squeeze me gently.With everyone else I love frontal death grips! Not literally lol. I don't get hugs normally, but I adore them so much.

  • Guys I'm interetsed in Bear,Pickup,Tight/Squeee,and Hug from back.Family...Bear, Front,Pickup and spin :) :)Anyone else front

  • Depends. My boyfriend? I would never want to let him go. =DMy family? SureRandom people? (especially males) No.

  • I love hugs! ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  • Love them only when they're from the right person :)Others..even friends..not so much, don't need to touch them :p

  • I for some reason since a young age have'nt liked being touched. So I hug family sometimes and my best friend and boyfriend always

  • I like any type of hugs, my favorite one would have to be where my boyfriend ( when I actually have one lol) is cuddling me before we go to sleep and when we wake up we're still cuddling (^_^)The only times I don't like cuddles is when 1.) I don't know them/ Don't like them2.) They smell bad.

  • Ok, I actually love hugs, but only from certain people. I'm very uncomfortable with touching/being touched by most people. But if I like you and want you to break my touch barrier, I can't get enough of having you close.

  • I like hugs from someone I like, not some random person. Those are always really awkward hugs

  • I only like hugs from people I'm close to.

  • I only like hugs from people I really care about (close friends/ family members). It seems odd to me to hug everyone goodbye at the end of a night going out or something like that when I haven't even really spoken to most of them. As for what kind of hug, I don't really care.

  • I think in general I wouldn't oppose it...unless they stunkwhat a stupid question...! LoL!

    • Stupid question ...?

  • When someone (that I know, not a complete stranger) hugs me, it makes me feel wanted.

  • I like all kinds~ :)

  • i love hugs. they make me feel all appreciated and sh*t ;)

  • pick-up hugs :)

  • I love ALL KINDS OF HUGS! <333333333333

  • U forgot GROUP HUGS! Haha :P

  • I don't like hugs because my parents were not really affectionate with me or with each other or with anyone. We just don't say mushy stuff or do mushy things to one another. It's in our culture.

  • I love hugs! From almost anyone too. But if the hug isn't that great (half hug or weak hug) then I don't care for it much. I have one friend who gives the best hugs and I always go to her for hugs because she is simply the best at bear hugs haha. It definitely ups my mood.

  • Wish I could get hugs often, feels forever. :'(

  • I love giving hugs... they lift peoples moods :)

  • hug always a sign of a happy person.

  • hugs are my favorite! lol I like all kinds hahah

  • I hate hugs that are faraway, but I love when someone pulls you in and holds you tight, makes you feel like you really mean something to someone.

  • I love hugs! especially from cute guys ha ha :p I hate side hugs though they feel a little impersonable. Have fun with the shirt that sounds like fun!

  • I love all hugs.(:

  • I'm neutral...sometimes I like them...most times I don't care for em'

  • I LOVE hugs! They are my favorite! It's not uncommon for me to hug people before getting their name. And I've been told I'm very good at it! :)Here is a video of a guy on the street in Canada who gives free hugs. He's a professional and I think he wrote a book on it! link

  • I love giving hugs especially when one is down. I love to receive my boyfriend bear hugs every once on awhile. it makes me feel great knowing that I can give someone a hug

  • I love bear hugs! I don't know why, I just do. haha

  • i love hugs :)really, the only hugs I get are when I'm greeting friends or saying goodbye...and that's only with a certain group of friends that I'm close to. At this moment I can only think of three guys that I've hugged & it was just a friendly greeting/goodbye hug.

  • Love hugs, the bear hug, chest-crushing, pick-you-up and swing you around kind of hug. Really anything that gets the man to hold me.

  • I like the hugs from the front, back, bear hugs, passionate hugs, & pick-up hugs<3 Those are all the best c:

  • I'm neutral. I don't like random people touching me. If you're a close friend, I don't mind hugging you, but otherwise, hands OFF. I prefer cuddling with VERY close friends.

  • i love hugs makes me feel cuddely lol and there AWESOME

  • Whoever doesn't like hugs is sociopathic

    • well, no I don't think that about you...but I'd say it's pretty weird in all honesty

    • -_- you think I'm a sociopath?

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