Why do men want women to act like MEN?

I tried to ask this another way but I don't think folks got what I was trying to say so I am going to try a different approach. I am often telling women to accept men as men--to accept how they view the world and to make allowances for their fears and the things that make them truly wonderful and... Show More

  • Vote A Because men think the male way is better and think girls act stupid
  • Vote B Because they do not comprehend female qualities and feel they should change to accommodate them
  • Vote C Actually, although they drive me nuts, I love women the way they are
  • Vote D Men do not understand that we are inherently different and that this is okay
Thanks for all the votes guys! :-)

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  • one of the biggest mistakes I think many of us make is that we believe all men act a certain way and all women act a certain way but although we have things in common with people of the same sex that's really not true. Men and women have a lot of the exact same feelings...society and culture has just taught us to express them differently... so some women are quite similar to some men and some aren't...i think is a more appropriate way to put it

    So I like your comments. Its really about accepting differences that make relationships work.

    But when someone fishs for compliments all the time it gets annoying. SO I wouldn't blame the other partner for getting mad. After all, if you love someone so much and they still can't be reasonably secure about themself...then you kind of feel like you wasted your time loving them and supporting them and telling them they look fine...when the person still asks everyday its like..."DO YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TELL You LOOK FINE"... its just natural for most people to want to be with someone confident and secure...

    Women are also visual by nature and women check out cute guys all the time even when their in relationships... yes I think women are more willing to accept a guy when he gains a bit of weight but that doesn't mean they don't notice its there..

    Finally I think in a relationship both parties need to change themself a little bit...or the end up changing. SOme women stereotypically become more masculine or more feminine. Same for men..its something that happens naturally as their around each other alot. I think if the slight change doesn't occur then the relationship gets extremely rocky and arguementative.

    BUt I liked your comment it was useful to point out.

    • Very very insightful! Thank you--I love it when a to young man comes on here and "spits truth" as they say.

      And you are right--both sides need to change--but also understand what things may not and accept one another flaws ( they may even become endearing).

      And I do get upset when the hubby goes on about his height or weight--however, I also know why so I try to get over it and love him all the more...lol

    • It's like the serenity prayer--God grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference...