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Female coworker teases me a lot, is this flirting?

She is a very nice girl, reliable and very professional but the thing is...she seems to enjoy teasing me a little too much. She calls me names and... Show More

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  • it might be. I personally tease all my friends I have a very sarcastic sense of humour and once I feel comfortable with someone I always start teasing them. it a sign of affection and I'm know you well enough to not worry you'd get upset. its not like a conscious thing, just the way I am. its not necessarily a sign I'm flirting, but I do tease guys I like. when I tease someone it is a joke, not meant to be taken too seriously. I would never make fun of someone I did like, it a sign of friendship for me not dislike. I also poke fun at myself. I don't know if she's like me, but that is what it mean when I tease someone.

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  • I only tease guys I like and are comfortable with. People used to mistake me and this one guy colleague I'm close to as a couple too. Just cause they've never had someone to banter with in a fun way who's relationship with them is platonic. Maybe she likes you.

  • she doesn't dislike you nor its a sign of developing feeling. its just hmm... how to explain this?... ok... there are people who would do it to a certain person although they didn't have reasons for.

    ya know, in some schools there are students who treat a certain student different than they treat other students...when they see him/her, they feel like they wanna do it to him/her.

    • Thats a bit odd, isn't it? I agree with you though, when I see her I want to tease her and maybe annoy her a bit but it isn't something I do with anybody else...

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