Will he ever ask me to marry him?

my boyfriend and I have been together since we were 18... we are 25 now. every time people ask "are you married?" "when are you getting married?" he's always like oh I don't believe in marriage... or id rather be happily unmarried then unhappily married.. or some other lameass remark. I mean I can tell he loves me very much, I think everyone else can to. but still he won't ask... or won't even talk about it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Then you ask him. Sitting there waiting like some princess for prince charming to do all the work clearly doesn't work. Turn it around. Buy a ring and go down on your knee and propose. Make it fun. Make it serious. Make it an occation.

    A guy is generally happy enough with the thought of BEING married. But the stress of the marriage itself has a tendency to scare us. Big formal dinner, lots of expensive dresses, having to walk up the church aisle. Scary stuff. I'd downplay that part of it if I were you.

    Instead emphasise the _being_ married. That you'll spend your life together like today - and you'll have a formalised union that will put things into organised forms when one of you eventually dies - or you have kids.

    If you dream of a big fairy tale wedding, then you'll be better off trying to scope creep that into the plans at a later stage. Better to go for somethingthing like a quick signing of the contract with a restaurant visit, or some small gathering at first.