I have a feeling he thinks I'm not into him when I am. He's a great guy..help?

So a guy asked me for my number, I gave it to him and a few minutes after we departed he texted me saying, "hey its ____ this is my number :)" I just... Show More

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  • You can text him first. Show that your interested in him. You must know that guys are shy and nervous too when they have to text a girl first.

    • But would two days after him asking for my number, be too soon?

    • Don't try to play any games. I did and it work for me. HOwever, I wish I didn't. Just do what you feel. Holding something back is only going to hurt you.

    • ***sorry, wrong text field...I'm new and kinda dumb lol***

      lmao, you're worried if it's too soon? I'd be worrying if you're too late. 2 days of him asking and you are still hesitating. guys are the ones who have to feel like they're not being pushed around by the girl's attention. he did his ballsy move in asking for your number, at least give him a proper answer ASAP...he left himself out there, cmon now