Why do men tease women they like?

I guess I'm asking men directly, or any women who think they have a special insight into the male psyche. This guy, who I have a major crush on, and who seems to also have a crush on me, told me that he gets a lot of joy out of "bothering" me. His actions are like a young boy's sometimes, which I find very cute, but odd. I know it's common for guys to do this, I'm just not sure why.

Also, men do you tease/bother women that you like?


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  • Absolutely.

    Women can forgive a guy for being annoying.

    They can forgive a guy for crossing the line every now and then.

    They can forgive a guy for being odd and immature at times.

    They won't forgive a guy for being boring.

    If a guy is boring, then she's done with him and will move on to the next guy.


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  • Because teasing doesn't put us on the spot; we can't be rejected. Asking you out, or asking what you think of us, invites disappointment, and maybe embarrassment, if it's a work situation or other public venue. .

    Also, if we think you're taken, we can still tease without women getting upset..usually! And we can tell by the reaction to the teasing what yu think of us. If ou get giggly it says you ike us, if you frown and scowl, we know to stand back and not try anything.

  • Tadpole said it correctly...even if you don't realize it, if he doesn't act playful with you, you'll find him boring and will be turned off sexually to him.

  • Though it's different with everyone guess most of us guys do that i.e. tease and play around with the girl / woman we like a lot i.e. crush on or love them.

    Me for example am known to be, look and sound (deep voice, talk to the point attitude) too very serious. I have a poker face so much that though many women / girls crush on me at work. I'm known as 'Mr. Spock' (from Star Trek - the logical guy who talks only to the point), 'Terminator' (a guy who doesn't do anything but work - doesn't sleep or eat etc) and 'Bond' (for James Bond - for charm and suaveness that is exhibited by me - so they say). These have been told to me by my immediate colleagues who have been confided in by others lolz.

    But back home though I'm still perceived the same way, I play with my girlfriend, daughter and even mother or sister (only those people I like - not all relatives) like a teenager. Depending on who it is, I'll be slapping their butt, pulling cheeks, cracking jokes at them (without hurting them - not poking fun) etc etc.

    So it's a pretty common thing I guess with guys to do that to people especially women they like or love.

  • Yes, I do. Girls are gulity of this to though, they tease guys they like. Just saying!

    • My point =P

    • I do tease him too, but he (and other guys in my experience) take things to the extreme like scaring the crap out of me, cracking up about any little mistake, and definitely reveling in things that push my buttons.

  • I love teasing my girlfriend, it's so cute! Mainly I'm looking for her reaction or for her to be playful with it, nothing more

  • I usually tease the girl I like to some extent. Just stupid little things but I find she usually gets me back for it.

  • You just answered your own question, "because you find it very cute". If he showered you with compliments you would think he was trying to feed you BS in order to get you in the sack!.

    Men also like women with a sense of humour, what better way to test you than to tease you, if your looking long term you would want to make sure you were not going to tie yourself to a moody, angry overbearing tyrant for the rest of your life!... however as all men know, that comes once you get a ring on their finger! LOL... only kidding! .:o)

  • If I don't tease you, I don't like you... take it as a compliment

    • i do, I was just curious.

  • just to feel "How you feel".

  • We certainly do it when we're young, because we haven't really progressed very far beyond pushing the girl we like onto the ground at recess, or pulling her pig tails and telling her she smells funny.

    I know when I was in college, I used to tease girls a lot, but I'd also use self-deprecating humour to balance things out. It worked for me. In addition to making girls laugh (usually in horrified surprise) it gave them the impression that I was not afraid to make them mad at me. It was like basic flirting behavior .

    A typical exchange might go something like this :

    1) I look at her belly in a very obvious way. Then go "Hmm that reminds me, I should go to the gym"

    2) She gets a WTF? look on her face, while her friend laughs.

    3) She slaps me in the belly

    4) I laugh and go "Ow" so she slaps harder.

    5) I go "Oooo yes... " put on a Jim Carey like stupid face, and shudder as if I've just cum.

    6) She alternates between looking disgusted and laughing, while holding her hand as if it's a dirty object now. Makes a show out of trying to ignore me, while her friend is still laughing.

    7) I'll say something like "Oh come on, tubby. I paid for the full hour!"

    Lather, rinse, repeat.


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  • This guy I like teases me now and then. When I asked why he said: "Because you are a girl." one time and "It's fun messing with you." another. So I guess that could be why your crush picks on you. Lol.

  • im in the SAME situation, I'm 41 and he's 53. I really don't know why, but he says the same things to me. he likes pushing my buttons. I guess its just another way of getting your attention maybe?