Why do men tease women they like?

I guess I'm asking men directly, or any women who think they have a special insight into the male psyche. This guy, who I have a major crush on, and who seems to also have a crush on me, told me that he gets a lot of joy out of "bothering" me. His actions are like a young boy's sometimes, which I find very cute, but odd. I know it's common for guys to do this, I'm just not sure why.

Also, men do you tease/bother women that you like?


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  • Absolutely.

    Women can forgive a guy for being annoying.

    They can forgive a guy for crossing the line every now and then.

    They can forgive a guy for being odd and immature at times.

    They won't forgive a guy for being boring.

    If a guy is boring, then she's done with him and will move on to the next guy.

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      wise beyond your years