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Girls are you really attracted to hands?

Reading on this site, I see girls put their attracted to hands? What kind of hands are you attracted too?

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  • Their attracted to the hands with money.

    • So true... So true.

    • Got that right QA, they see a guy with money they all go nuts.

What Girls Said 24

  • I just like that my boyfriend's hands are bigger than mine. I don't know what it is, but they seem manly lol

  • Neat Fingernail

  • yes! it's true for me :) I love them when they seem strong and have a great shape .

    not neceserally toned but masculine . . :)

  • Big, strong hands are SO sexy to me! I wouldn't want a guy with scrawny, skinny hands holding me..or doing other things to me :P

  • In a way attracted but not only attracted by them. My favorite bit is eyes and lips initially.

    Men should have short clean finger nails and mosturised skin. I prefer fingers to be longer, not really long and gangly. But not short and stumpy!

    Dirty hands are a real turn off. I don't really like dry flakey ones either.

  • It's more about what I think you could do with you hands

    • How would you exactly determine that?

    • Decent size, firm grip, taken care of

  • Hands that are bigger and feel rough compared to mine...If there are vains then +1

  • YES! I love big strong manly hands

  • I don't get the whole hands thing at all.

  • I definitely don't look at hands first or anything, but I guess how big they are. I like big hands with longish fingers (not freakishly long.) and trimmed nails. gosssh how hott!

  • Because I'm creepy/shy, when out in public, hands are one of the first things I notice. I love a set of big, veiny hands XD They just look so manly, and probably (subconsciously) similar to... something else XD

    • I'll never look at my hands the same way ever again LOL

  • If the hands are big and they look strong, or if they have long fingers, they exhibit someone who is protective (we LOVE to feel protected). Also sexual prowess :)

  • Manly hands. Not too rough nor soft, to the point where it's feminine.

    Especially, the fingers. ;)

  • Strong hands, big hands, veiny hands, I don't mind :)

  • i like strong hands but I'm not attracted to them

  • Lol

    Hands are the last things I notice

  • Hmm, hard to pinpoint what's sexy about them, but yes - a man's hands can be very sexy.

    I don't like it when a man's nails are manicured. I'm not really into the metro thing, so I prefer a man's hands to be big, fatter fingers than mine, and a little rough, I don't like them super soft.

    Not filthy, of course. No gunk under the nails, haha!

    I don't like it when his are softer than mine :-P

  • Mhmm! Strongly, manly, hairy ones...

  • this is kind of embarassing but I used to be in love with Barrack Obamas hands...oh the things I would let them do to me.

  • it's not necessarily an attraction (although certain hands can be a huge turn off, little hands or super soft hands are kinda creepy to me) it's more like a bonus if a guy has hands that are rough as compared to my skin.

  • Not really. I barely pay attention to hands. I'm more into shoulders and jawlines.

  • I love big strong man hands. I imagine them touching me all over or holding me

  • Yes we do. I have a friend who's all about hands. I do like hands, specially what men can do with their fingers! ;-)

  • Yes

What Guys Said 3

  • yes specially with them magic fingers, if you what I mean lol

  • They like hands cause they imagine them fingering her

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