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Why is my ex is trying to make me jealous?

Hello,my ex girlfriend broke up with me a year ago,i did all the stupid things,like chase her and try to get her back,made things only worse,after a... Show More

Keep in mind that she hasn't been in a relationship this last year,i would knew it,she had sex a few times as I did as well thou!

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  • It means she still might have feelings, least on some level. I mean you don't want to make someone jealous unless you kind of want them to still noitice you. If she is pissed off that your seeing other girls she clearly still has feelings for you to and doesn't want you with anyone else. If she is trying to do things that hurt you, she might still be feeling a little sore you guys arn't together anymore. Also though it could just be a sign she just doesn't give a sh*t and is trying to make you feel bad just because she knows she can. It might be that she doesn't want to get back together with you, but it's just a competition thing to win you over aganist the other girls, even though she doesn't seriously want it.

    • 2-3 months ago we had a very friendly conversation,she was even talking about the future,saying ofc I am joking,she was smiling all the time and she was blushing even with the most silly compliments.These sure are sighs that she still want me,but now she isn't even talking,she is so pissed.I think I should let her calm down for a few weeks and try to talk to her again later,chances may be in my favor then!And ofc thank you for the reply! :)

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    • Yeah it's pretty hard to tell what she's really thinking :(

    • Yea ofc! :P If you knew what she was thinking then you would be a medium!Some new info,she stopped talked to me because she thought I was flirting with a girl in from of her...which is not true,i was just fooling around with a friend (I wasn't even trying to flirt).A flashback! :P

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  • Why are you still trying to talk to her? You should be meeting new women for yourself and if she gets jealous that's just a bonus.

    • Ahahaha!Feelings are weird things :P that's the only answer I can give!

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