Are girls attracted to Axe, Old Spice, etc.?

I was just wondering if girls like the the smell of axe, old spice, and all of those other 'mens' products. I don't go overboard with them, just a regular old spice deodorant, and axe body wash.

Are these smells revolting or attracting to girls?


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  • I like guys that smell good, but I, and probably a lot of other girls, don't know exactly the name of what smells good and what doesn't. I mean comeon, do you know how the smell of Secret Lavender differs from the smell of Women's Degree Powder? But I like bodywash.. hmm yummy.

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  • Personally, no. I don't like the chemical smell it gives off. It makes me ill.

  • No I don't like that cheap sh*t.body wash and Cologne is best

  • Bodywashes, to me, are A LOT better than those nasty spray-on deodorizers. At my job, I was constantly around men who smelled like they had taken baths in the stuff. If you wash with it, you get that faint little scent when you hug someone or get really close, and I love that. It's comforting and familiarizing. Just imo.

  • I'm a huge lover of Axe, particularly Apollo and Phoenix.

  • My guy has an Old Spice deodorant that I LOVE. I can't remember the name of it, maybe Denali but it's one of the few that I really like. No lie, I would snuggle up to him and try to discreetly sniff him after he had just put it on. Not a huge fan of Axe though.

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  • I tried a few, I never liked the smell of AXE.. that was too strong. I tried Old Spice deodorant, and body spray called 'After Hours'.. not bad if I used it lightly, but my girl didn't care for it. so I went shopping for a more mellow one and found Old spice called 'BELIZE' from something Old Spice calls FRESH COLLECTION... she loved that one, said it gave a clean 'soap like' smell... However she likes it when I use cologne much better. If you have the money, I use Dolce and Gabbana 'Light Blue' also another one called 'Acqua De Gio" by Georgio Armani... I get a lot of compliments from women when I use those... and again very little... a spray underneath each ear, and one on the chest is enough... don't bath in it..

  • The way to apply any kind of spray is not directly on you body but you spray it in the air at chest level and then walk through it.

    You want them to get the slightest smell of it so that they have to come closer to smell it

    hope it helps

  • Yuck, there are still people who wear this sh*t?

  • Axe is the smell of teenage desperation.

    Spend some coin, and get yourself a decent cologne.

  • I love to approach random people, sniff them and then tell them they smell good. It makes everyone feel weird.