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In high school is it better to get to know a girl before asking her out?

There are a few girls in my classes that I've become interested in, we randomly engage in each others conversations a few times a day so we know of... Show More

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  • Okay. You ALWAYS want to at least know her first. Girls know there are creeps, pervs and a**holes in High School. They want to be at least friends first before you go into asking her out.So yeah, you gotta know her first. And if you wanna ask her out, do it at the end of class, but at a time when she's not with her friends. Like this, bell just rang, she's about to head over to her friends, say her name, say you like her, ask her out. Gives her limited time because she obviously needs to go to her locker, or friends or go get lunch. Good luck :)

    • Thanks, is there a point when I should worry about becoming too much of friends and becoming friend-zoned (that's happened, it's annoying)?Also what's a good amount of time to leave between asking her out and going on the first date? Thanks for your help so far, I appreciate it.

    • It's different for all girls, but for me, it's after the friendship has gotten to texting status but before she starts posting stuff about you and her friends or whatever on Facebook.For high school you need to keep it casual. So just say something like, "Want to go ______ next weekend/thisweekend" Something like that.

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  • In high school the goal is to have sex with as many girls as possible. Don't waste time getting to know them

    • What an ass. Please just leave.

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