How can I ignore my feelings for this guy? GUY AND GIRL OPINION PLEASE!

So technically I've known this boy since I was 8, we were in the same class then. I had the most ridiculous crush on him throughout primary/elementary school, its silly and I can laugh about it now but he was the first guy I liked and EVERYBODY knew I was crazy bout him, Valentine's cards etc ha ha... Show More

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  • There are some things in life that you just gotta take risk on~

    What's more pathetic? the girl who ends up liking someone but isn't liked back? or the girl who would just sit around and wonder what could have happened and what would it be like if she could have just grabbed the chance given to her?

    Personally I would rather try and run in a 30km marathon even if after I reached the end I would look so pathetic, tired, puking and weak, rather than just sit at the sides wondering what could have happened, what would it be like, and what does it feels like to try and just do it~