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If it was up to me, guys/girls would ___________ when they flirt.

If it was up to you, WHAT would be the ideal way someone of the opposite gender would show you interest? Playfulness? Humor? Charming? Manners?... Show More

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  • Humor and being charming. You can't NOT catch my interest or liking if you're funny and charming. Think Penn Badgeley in Easy A. Damn, I would've gone for him, too! He makes you laugh and he shows his interest.

    It's a huge turn-off when he gives me his life-story or tells me he wants to marry me right away. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill out!

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  • Humor is always good. It would put the person of interest at ease and plus everyone loves a good laugh.

  • Compliment me, ask me on a date, trying to be around me a lot

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