He flirts all the time but he doesn't make a move, sounds familiar?

Hello, I think this guy might like me but I am not sure...he flirts with me jokingly in a very funny way in front of everybody at work...he's really... Show More

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  • I only do this with girls I love. When I think a girl is just pretty I'd ask her out with no problem. But there was this one girl I know who I know I like a lot. And I haven't even dared to ask her out... And I've known her for almost three years!

    • But do you act confident when there are other people around?

      I think you should get all your courage and ask her out, maybe just for a coffee on friendly terms...you have nothing to lose ! Think how nice will be just chatting away with her...

    • If those people are my close friends I feel really confident. But if they are people I do not know as well, I would either barely talk to her or try to talk to her but not really be as fun? I don't know how to describe it. Of course I've thought about that. But I'm just too scared. Whenever we go out with a group I feel like I'm going to die.