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He flirts all the time but he doesn't make a move, sounds familiar?

Hello, I think this guy might like me but I am not sure...he flirts with me jokingly in a very funny way in front of everybody at work...he's really... Show More

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  • I only do this with girls I love. When I think a girl is just pretty I'd ask her out with no problem. But there was this one girl I know who I know I like a lot. And I haven't even dared to ask her out... And I've known her for almost three years!

    • But do you act confident when there are other people around?

      I think you should get all your courage and ask her out, maybe just for a coffee on friendly terms...you have nothing to lose ! Think how nice will be just chatting away with her...

    • If those people are my close friends I feel really confident. But if they are people I do not know as well, I would either barely talk to her or try to talk to her but not really be as fun? I don't know how to describe it. Of course I've thought about that. But I'm just too scared. Whenever we go out with a group I feel like I'm going to die.

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  • Hes shy, you ask him, or kiss him, that's how id want it lol

  • I think I identify with this a little. I'm quite shy and its easy to be funny where there are other people around because there is no pressure to make a move on the woman you like. Not being ale to make a move takes all the pressure to do so away. When its just the two of you it's pressure because you know your should do something but don't really know how to or even have the courage, so it gets a bit awkward.

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