Why do yoga pants make butts look better?

Is there an actual reason why they do? Is it just because of the material and the fact that they're snug?

I wear them all of the time, but today I wore them with moccasins and a school hoodie and my boyfriend told me I have a bubble butt(which I found slightly offensive)...but I guess it's a compliment in his mind? or in guys minds? haha

I mean, I've always thought they made my not so big butt stand out more but I guess my butt isn't as small as I though(mind you I'm only 5'2 and 114 lbs)

But I notice they usually compliment most body types and girls tend to love them cause they're comfy and guys cause they work wonders on the ass area.w

is there a reason?


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  • Bubble butts are hot


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  • They are very form-fitting around the butt area, so the guys get to literally envision how her butt looks without clothes on.

  • Interesting when I was in school bubble butt was used as derogatory lol.

    But not really familiar with yoga pants though.

    • yeah, I find it to be a negative too haha

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    • i'm not chubby...

    • lol I didn't say you are. Was just reminiscing on the old definition of bubble butt.

      Times changed so it clearly has different meaning.

  • Girls with nice butts look great in yoga pants. Yoga pants are hot, because they are tight fitting and cling to a girls butt. They let her butt move around naturally. You can see both butt cheeks moving check by check with a little jiggle, box gaps, and curves all the way from the waist out and then back in to the legs. If a girl doesn't have a nice butt they don't look good in them. Flat is still flat in yoga pants and fat just looks funny in them. Not all tight pants do the same thing. Many skinny jeans squish a butt kind of flat but wide. They are not form fitting so the alter the form of the butt and make it look awkward. Not to mention seeing girls in all sorts of positions when they are actually doing Yoga plays into that entire idea. We love seeing girls from behind, bent over, etc. you get the idea.

  • cause of how thigh and firm they are. plus they have strong elasticity

  • It just shows its shape. A bubble butt is a very good thing. It is near perfect, not too flat, and not fat.

    • not in my opinion, but to each their own

    • Well, ask your guy what bubble but means to him. It sounds like you too may have two different meanings.

  • they dont

  • bubble butt is a compliment, bae. :D

  • They seem to lift the cheeks, giving them a better shape and making them look bigger.

  • Used to keep things in place there tight

  • I guess it is a combo of the material and the way they fit to most girls natural curves like you are not wearing any pants? A bubble butt is a good thing.


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  • they're like a second skin made of spanx,of course they make your butt look better.

  • Because it enhance the butt shape and make it looks bigger.

  • They're tight and firm, so they make your butt look tight and firm. And they don't squeeze you around the waist and give you a muffin top. They're awesome.

  • they are tight like leggings but the flare and thicker material makes them more forgiving to the thighs and you also can't see through them.

  • Yes and no.

    Most yoga pants are black and any black pant masks imperfections. They're also tight which hold and suck everything in similar to a girdle/spanx, but then again that's how any tight pants work. While I still find that yoga pants are thin compared to other pants, unlike leggings, they are just thick enough to hide cellulite.

    However, I think a flat ass still looks like a flat ass with yoga pants.

    • I don't have a flat ass haha.

      But what's the difference between leggings and yoga pants?

    • There is no a huge difference between yoga pants and leggings.

      Yoga pants have a flare and are slightly thicker. Leggings come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, while yoga pants are generally solid with exception to that waist band thing, and only come in only a few fabrics, colors (usually black and the occasional navy, and gray).

      Leggings will show cellulite and jiggle, yoga pants are just thick enough to mask it.