He's not contacting me but he's asking me out...

I've been dating this awesome guy sporadically for two months (mostly because we're both busy, he travels a lot). I'm frustrated because when a date ends, he'll say "we should see a movie/concert/have dinner next time. I'll text you." But he doesn't text me... ...so I initiate contact but I... Show More

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  • Yeah don't contact him. I do agree with ryosanada in that I think it is important to let someone know what's going on with you than to send behavior messages. I would let him know that you enjoy spending time with him but you would like to talk to him and text with him in between. I would point out that he isn't contacting you and you don't want to be the only one doing that. Then listen tounderstand him. Ask him questions to clarify what he's saying.

    best way to do that, is the next time you see him...but of course I advised not texting him so I would say give it a little longer than you normally do but not over 2 1/2 weeks. If he doesn't contact you, contact him and tell him over your meeting. If he does contact you, express your gratitude..you know positive reinforcement.