He's not contacting me but he's asking me out...

I've been dating this awesome guy sporadically for two months (mostly because we're both busy, he travels a lot). I'm frustrated because when a date ends, he'll say "we should see a movie/concert/have dinner next time. I'll text you." But he doesn't text me...

...so I initiate contact but I don't ask him to do anything; I just ask what's up, and when he replies, he asks about me and my weekend plans and suggests getting together...at which point, he takes charge, says what he wants to do, lets me pick, and he buys tickets/makes reservations in advance.

Anyway, this is the second time he's told me he was too busy one week and that he'll contact me when he's back...I don't think he will, but I really like him and want to keep seeing him. What we have works for me (it's not too serious, I like him, he seems to like me, we have fun and great conversations)...

In the event that he doesn't contact me, should I contact him?

How long should I wait before I do?

Should I say something like I was hoping to hear from him?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah don't contact him. I do agree with ryosanada in that I think it is important to let someone know what's going on with you than to send behavior messages. I would let him know that you enjoy spending time with him but you would like to talk to him and text with him in between. I would point out that he isn't contacting you and you don't want to be the only one doing that. Then listen tounderstand him. Ask him questions to clarify what he's saying.

    best way to do that, is the next time you see him...but of course I advised not texting him so I would say give it a little longer than you normally do but not over 2 1/2 weeks. If he doesn't contact you, contact him and tell him over your meeting. If he does contact you, express your gratitude..you know positive reinforcement.


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  • Go ahead and contact him. Do it whenever you feel like, but let him know that it's a 2 way street. If you're going to be doing all of the work, I'd just give up, and find someone else. It's a ton of work trying to do everything for someone else, and not get anything in return.


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  • STOP contacting him you need to play hard to get cause I see he doing that to you... He see you starting like him a lot you need to hold it down and get your strongness back your girl power guys like a chase they always do even if they say they don't . If he really like you he will drop anything to see you... He's doing somthing that he's not suppost to be doing

  • You seem to ask the same question over and over again. Lol. He just doesn't seem to have a very high level of interest w you. If he did he would be contacting you, asking you out, wanting to spend time w you and not cancelling plans on you. Your interest in him is way higher which is why you are normally the one to contact him. You get how it works now? He's treating you like you're just an option go find a man who treats you like a priority:)

  • I agree with the girls

    If a guy truly likes you he will do anything to talk to you