Have you ever flirted with someone only to find out they were in a relationship long afterwards?

Recently, as in the last couple days, I started to talk to this girl, and I thought she was really cool and really attractive. We have the same lunch... Show More

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  • Yes! One too many!

    I recall actually talking to this guy for a good couple of weeks, and I really felt we had a connection and everything. I do not pertain any social media accounts that I share. So already at a disadvantage, I keep talking to this guy and we end up hooking up, and I find out from word of mouth that there was rumors about him cheating on his girlfriend with me. I then was in complete shocked since he failed to tell me or even reject me. I will point out as well him telling me that he would kill for a girl like me etc etc so it was pretty convincing that he was single and intrested in a relationship with me. End of it all he tells people that it didn't happen and his girlfriend gets my number and just like blows everything up and I was labeled at thier school as a complete whore. :(