Have you ever flirted with someone only to find out they were in a relationship long afterwards?

Recently, as in the last couple days, I started to talk to this girl, and I thought she was really cool and really attractive. We have the same lunch period and she would ask me to walk with her to her next class, which was near mine. Out of nowhere we started to talk a lot, so I figured I would give her a shot. I had asked my friend if she had a boyfriend and he said no, so I was gonna go for it. However, the day before I was actually gonna ask her if she wanted to chill some time, I decide to look at her Facebook. She's got a boyfriend. Hopes shattered, and I now feel like an idiot. Probably got my hopes up a bit too much.

Anywayz, has something like this happened to any of you guys and gals? How did you handle it? I'm interested to hear!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes! One too many!

    I recall actually talking to this guy for a good couple of weeks, and I really felt we had a connection and everything. I do not pertain any social media accounts that I share. So already at a disadvantage, I keep talking to this guy and we end up hooking up, and I find out from word of mouth that there was rumors about him cheating on his girlfriend with me. I then was in complete shocked since he failed to tell me or even reject me. I will point out as well him telling me that he would kill for a girl like me etc etc so it was pretty convincing that he was single and intrested in a relationship with me. End of it all he tells people that it didn't happen and his girlfriend gets my number and just like blows everything up and I was labeled at thier school as a complete whore. :(