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I have 2 problems, and they both involve women. Help?

Problem 1: At the beginning of August I hung out with this girl from my home town. We knew of each other but had never spoke despite her being the... Show More

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  • Oh my you got one hell of a situation on your back! First of all the thing that stuck out the most while reading your problem wass that with the first girl you described how much you really enjoy her company and how you wished to see her once again for Christmas... the second girl you very briefly described your feelings and said she's "cool". Now I'm just going to leave thst there. Okay and also you said you'd be willing to wait until marriage to hae any type of relations With girl #one... after you had stated you enjoy sex. The fact that you're willing to wait also has a lot to say. Again I'll just leave it there because you already know what to do in this situation. (: You know what's the right thing to do. Don't let lust get over the chance of having pure true love. My best wishes to you, hope everything turns out right.

    Just for arguments sake let's say it doesn't work outwith girl # one I'm positive the other girl will still be there. Don't get to stressed over just these lady's. The one will come along.(:

    • Wow, that helped! Now that I look back it's really obvious, guess I just needed someone to point it out for me. Thanks!

      I still have question though. She'll be gone all summer. Long distance isn't possible, we don't know each other well enough of long enough for it to work out. but how do I tell her I want to be more than what we are now when she gets back?

    • Don't stress about the future focus on the time you'll have with her, if it's meant to be things will arange to make it work.

      I personally think you should just come right out andtell her how you feel, the way you do it or say it is completely up to you. You can do it though!

      Good Luck!


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