What do men really think about younger male/older female dating?

The guy I'm seeing is 10 years younger than I am, he thought we were the same age when we met (been dating for about a year now) and way past the age... Show More

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  • Well, my wife is 16 years older than I am and we've been together since around 1980 and we still get along great. When we first got together a lot of people told us it wouldn't last. Our friends and family was against it. Obviously they were wrong as I have since been married longer than most all of them.

    However in most cases women (girls) mature sooner than men (boys) so the age thing may seem backward to some people. And for him it may become more of an issue as you age given how others look at it. I would have to say as long as he is mature enough to handle being with an older woman, then it won't matter one bit.

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    • Thank you mission62, I've thought the same through the course of the relationship and really did not place too much emphasis on being serious until it was clear he could handle the age factor. Turns out he's quite the mature one - :)