He asked me to hold his hand, but doesn't make an effort to hand out with me outside school?

I am 20, this guy is 20. We are both in university and have 2 classes a week together. Almost every time he sits down next to me, and there we make small talk about school and some other things but usually that is it. One thing he told me to hold his hand, like, jokingly, because he was frightened... Show More

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  • College does this weird thing to people where they are more confident and more open about things. If he likes you and he is outgoing enough to joke about you holding his hand during class, he would probably just tell you. I obviously can't speak for him but he may just be a regular bloke that is as friendly as most females (see how confusing it can be?). There are rarely reasons to not get to know someone. Who knows, you two might actually be great for each other and he just hasn't thought about it. Even so, why not get to know him anyways?

    • It is always difficult to get to know someone you are crushing on..

    • There is this new thing kids are doing these days called talking, I hear it really helps with the getting to know people thing :P