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What is going on with this girl I like?

Okay, I've been good friends with this girl for a few months now, we always flirt & mess around & spend time together & when we sit next to each... Show More

I'm going to sort this out tomorrow, she currently hates me.

We have to spend a few hours with each other tomorrow, so hopefully I can show her how much she actually means to me & that I didn't mean to upset her. (Read comment on the 1st reply)

We were just messing around & she was being normal until she left without a hug.

Then she ignored me the whole day & then ripped into me on Skype about 30 min - one hour ago.

All I know is that I'm not giving up & I will do my best to fix this.

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  • its called play flirting and treat hem mean keep them keen. keep being you

    • That's what I thought until she ripped into me on Skype.

      She said she is pissed off with me for insulting her in class, even though we were playing & we never actually insulted her.

      We always mess around & stuff, we always flirt & everything, but today has felt like the worst day of my life.

      I even got myself drunk which was a bad idea... I just love her so bad. It felt like I got shot when she told me to "F*** off" on Skype, but I understand that she needs her space.

      I hope I can fix this.

  • maybe she doesn't like you anymore.

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