5 things I find attractive. What are yours?

Someone asked me what are 5 things I find attractive, and I answered the following:

--nice eyes

--stays fit (doesn't have to be perfect, but someone who cares about their health)

--sense of humor

--fun to be around

--likes what they do (professionally) and takes pride in it (or is working towards that goal)

How about you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Takes pride in their appearance both in terms of their body and clothing. This encompasses health as well. Doesn't need to look like a Victoria Secret model nor does she have to be as obsessive over fashion as Paris Hilton.

    2. Has aspirations to start a family/likes kids. Other than the obvious reason of me wanting to start a family, there is something very attractive and feminine about a girl who likes and can take care of kids.

    3. Is intelligent. I just can't stand stupid people. Especially when talking about street smarts. If again, you act like a a bimbo like Paris Hilton or snooki, then you look like an idiot, not a ball of fun.

    4. Is independent. There is a level of dependence that is attractive. We have an innate need to take care of our loved ones, usually in gender specific ways. We don't want our partner to act like they completely don't need us, but at the same time, if you can't be alone for more than an hour without seeing or talking to me, or you need me to hold your hand through every facet of your life like I'm your father, then its a turn off.

    5. Open mindedness. Both in and outside of the bedroom. I don't like a girl that can find a flaw in anything and complain about it. I'm the kind of person that can have fun just watching TV as long as I'm in good company. I want a girl who feels the same. No guy likes a girl who is impossible to please. If the only thing you have fun doing is attending 5 star restaurants, A list parties, and one of a kind events, then the relationship will become very exhausting for me as the man. Also a girl who will only have sex once a week and in the missionary position, I'm going to get bored. No I will not think you are a slut if you decide to try something new and exciting, as long as you keep it in the bedroom (so to speak). I don't need a p*rn star but I don't want a choir girl either.

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      Ditto. To it all. lol