What accents do you find attractive?

So what accents do you find attractive,if any,and why?:)


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  • There are so many that I find attractive, but if I had to pick just one it would be an Irish brogue. I had a patient once and he had this thick Irish brogue. I just got down right giddy. Love it. If he looked at me and said drop your pants I would said OK, no problem.

    • Haha that answer made me laugh :) but I agree,it's Irish for me :)

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  • I like girls with French accents, Russian, German, Hispanic, British Received Pronunciation, southern US, General US. The general Canadian accent is cute too: 'aboot', etc.

  • i haven't really heard or payed attention to any accents so I have no idea which one I would find the most attractive lol

    • check your inbox :)

    • I want a nice sunny hot Christmas lol

    • well we have had snow today,so I bet it can't be much worse there ha ha :)

      you have to like winter,its the season of Christmas :)

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  • russian and British both accents in a women automatically increases my attraction towards them :-)

    • i have already messeged you check your inbox :]

    • I have a new photo now...do I look any more British and any less canadian?

    • i mean I just had a luk at your pic nd first thing clicked on my mind was 'avril' so subconciously I thought you are from canada

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  • russian accent in women

  • 1. British/Australian

    2. Swedish

    3. Midwestern American

    Ellie Goulding's voice is a prime example of my favorite accent. I absolutely die when I meet girls with that accent. Swedish is even better, but much more rare here and that's why I put it second. I would marry a Swedish girl if I ever met one =P. Midwestern American because that's where I'm from and I think it's a pretty good accent, nothing too crazy and nothing hard to understand.

  • I do like the accents of black girls with British accents. I can't explain it, just melts me.

  • I'm a sucker for pretty much all foreign accents. Well, all except asian, because thick Asian accents are super hard to understand.

    But yea, all others, french, Spanish, russian, german, English, aussie, they automatically raise a girl's number on a 1-10 scale by one point. If she was a 7 without hearing her speak, she's now an 8 with a awesome accent

    • Not all Asians hve thick Asian accents lol

  • Certain English female accents, though I don't know their specific names or regions.

    • They just sound sophisticated, sultry and sweet.

  • For me when a woman speaks it - Russian and Ukarinian accent :D don't know why but I find that accent HOT

  • Eastern European, Russian. I don't know exactly why, it sounds cute and perhaps it's because my roots lie in Eastern Europe.

  • Female accent in any language is attractive to me.

    • Yeah it's nice,would help if I knew what she was saying haha

    • I haven't heard a Serbian accent before :)

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  • A very light Scottish female accent is like having an orgasm in my ear. link Skip to about 16:40, and listen. Gooodaaaammm. Chick is effin hot.

  • accents which are natural

    • any one who is not trying to imitate some1 else ...it can be the guy up there ,u or that girl down there

    • Then which is your favorite natural accent?:)

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  • I find all and any

  • Irish, Scottish and Australian are my favorites :-)

    I have no idea why, honestly, I just love the way they sound usually, haha!

  • Geordie bbz

  • I fall for an italian guys accent. When Brits speak, it's so boring I can't even listen.

    • haha thanks :P

  • Italian.

  • korean

  • Russian and Colombian! <3

  • australian

  • New Zeland is number one, and then British and Australian :)

  • 1st English 2nd Australian in guys.

    why? I have no idea. Maybe it sounds more refined and self-assured? less drunk? I don't know. But I LOVE the English and Australian accents, the English one more though

    • OH and I forgot one very important one: IRISH! love them :D

  • British accent, Christian Bale's natural accent is also hot.

  • Australian(: I love it on guys!

    • It is nice :)

  • Well, I think, posh British accents are hot, not quite as hot as Indian accents though. Spanish men also have very very nice accents. Irish accents are hot. And I'm also fond of Japanese accents. ;) Why? Because they are... I don't really have an explanation.

    • Irishmen! <3 And well... I am weirdly attracted to Indian guys xD and their accents... just a thing I suppose. hahah I can't help it!

    • Indian, really? I've always thought Indian accents are far too comical to be anything but, well...funny.

    • I think I would have to pick Irish :)