What accents do you find attractive?

So what accents do you find attractive,if any,and why?:)


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  • There are so many that I find attractive, but if I had to pick just one it would be an Irish brogue. I had a patient once and he had this thick Irish brogue. I just got down right giddy. Love it. If he looked at me and said drop your pants I would said OK, no problem.

    • Haha that answer made me laugh :) but I agree,it's Irish for me :)

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  • I like girls with French accents, Russian, German, Hispanic, British Received Pronunciation, southern US, General US. The general Canadian accent is cute too: 'aboot', etc.

  • Eastern European, Russian. I don't know exactly why, it sounds cute and perhaps it's because my roots lie in Eastern Europe.

  • russian and British both accents in a women automatically increases my attraction towards them :-)

    • If you were only allowed to pick one which one would it be?:)

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    • I have a new photo now...do I look any more British and any less canadian?

    • i have already messeged you check your inbox :]

  • 1. British/Australian

    2. Swedish

    3. Midwestern American

    Ellie Goulding's voice is a prime example of my favorite accent. I absolutely die when I meet girls with that accent. Swedish is even better, but much more rare here and that's why I put it second. I would marry a Swedish girl if I ever met one =P. Midwestern American because that's where I'm from and I think it's a pretty good accent, nothing too crazy and nothing hard to understand.

  • For me when a woman speaks it - Russian and Ukarinian accent :D don't know why but I find that accent HOT

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  • 1st English 2nd Australian in guys.

    why? I have no idea. Maybe it sounds more refined and self-assured? less drunk? I don't know. But I LOVE the English and Australian accents, the English one more though

    • OH and I forgot one very important one: IRISH! love them :D

  • Australian(: I love it on guys!

  • Geordie bbz

  • Russian and Colombian! <3

  • New Zeland is number one, and then British and Australian :)

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