Guys, is blond hair-brown eyes not so attractive combination?

i always hear people saying how either blond hair-light eyes, dark hair-light eyes or both dark is attractive.

i have really long blond hair and big dark brown eyes, I like the shape and all but I think I'd look 5 times better if I had light eyes..

what do you guys think?


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  • I know I'm not a guy, but I'm going to give you advice from a girls perspective.You shouldn't compare yourself to others hun! You just have to love and work with what you have. You make it look beautiful because you are unique. I have my insecurities but I learned to love the features I once hated because it makes me different. Not in a bad way but in a good way. Judging from your picture plenty of guys probably find you just as attractive as what you call "attractive combinations"

    • if this was my question I would give you best answer :)

    • Well thanks! I love to lift up people's spirit! :)

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  • Honestly I couldn't tell you the eye color of half my GF's, friends, or family. It's just not something I pay attention to or care about. I do like a girls eyes, but it has nothing to do with the color. The only time eyes stand out for me is when they are blue, and by stand out I mean just simply pop, not that they are attractive per se. Blue eyes just seem to glow like they are lit up so I notice when someone has blue eyes.

    As far as hair, I like pretty much anything other than black or really dark brown hair. Blond, brunette, red, its all attractive to me.

    That being said, any combo of hair and eye color is attractive to me besides black hair, in which case the eye color wouldn't matter.

  • I think it's just as good of combination as any other. That kind of thing doesn't determine my attraction to a woman. I look at the over all attractiveness and personality. I find blond with blue eyes more attractive on some women and blond with brown sexier on others. So I could go either way. But that said yeah I find it really attractive. And looking at your pic I think that brown eyes and blond hair would suit you just fine. And honestly I'm kinda a eye guy in a way and you got me wondering how pretty yours are, seeing as your pics to the side and you got glasses on, just curiosity lol.

  • Since I happen to LOVE large dark brown eyes, the hair color is moot for me. And, if that's you, you don't got a thing to worry about in attractiveness.

  • 5 times better? Maths eh, who needs it ;-)

    Long blonder hair and big dark brown eyes, that reminds me of a pretty guide dog, labrador breed. ;-)

    Long blond hair and brown eyes, ahhhhh lovely.

    You have hair and you have 2 eyes? WOOT! Hotness alert!

  • *Looks at profile picture*

    Yeah, I don't think you should change anything.

  • I'm pretty impartial to blond hair in general.

    But I do think it looks better with brown eyes than with blue.

  • It is a good combination.

  • Seeing such combination there's only one thing which comes in my mind: "Another fake blond"

    Fake blondes are alright as well, but c'mon... there's no need for such an obvious deception, eyes, eyebrows, complexion, hair roots.. they all are dead giveaways when it comes to spot a fake blond.

    • Who cares!?

      Scars, strange to the touch, and a bitchy attitude all come with fake boobs but you'r not complaining. A woman will always be a woman and women like to fake everything from the tip of their toes to the tip of their cheap different colored hair extensions.

      My point is you have to love you before some one else loves you. So, explode, if you love yourself with long blond hair and big dark brown eyes every one else will follow your lead.

    • Did you even bother to READ my answer you dumb American f***tard? Amazing...

  • it really depends on the girl... for me ideally it's black hair blue eyes blond hair blue eyes... you've get perfect hair though so I wouldn't worry about eyes. But fyi blond hair dark eyes is better than dark hair dark eyes

  • yea I think it is good

  • im still looking for my red haired green eyed beauty but in the meantime yeah, blond hair and brown eyes can be attractive

  • I like it, it is very striking.

  • i think its an attractive combination

  • look for someone who appreciates you and will get lost in your big beautiful brown eyes. otherwise you will find nothing but heartache and pain.


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