Why do people want me to get married so badly?

My aunt and family want me to meet a "sweet girl" one day, but after being cheated on by 4 different women, I'm 100% against relationships and marriage. Even though I've told my family how I feel, they still believe I'll meet a good woman one day but I don't believe them. I'm 23, I'm not putting my heart out there at all and I'm gonna stay guarded why are they pushing relationships and marriage on me? I'm 100% against them, I'd rather be alone.


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  • You're only 23. You'll feel this way now and probably swear to it that you will never trust, love or be in a serious relationship again but you will eventually get over that and your perspectives and views will most likely change. Doesn't really matter if they don't though cos it's your life - I'm just saying don't completely give up on the idea that there may be someone out there who can make you happy :) I've been cheated on tonnes of times and by people who I thought loved me and wanted a future with me and then just made a total mockery out of the relationship. I am very cynnical about the idea of love and marriage but for some reason I keep finding people who convince me otherwise (and sometimes the whole cycle begins again). It's part of life I guess and it makes us stronger and frankly smarter people.

    As for the aunts and family members and what they are saying well it is probably true really but they are just doing the typical family thing and trying to lift your spirits when really you'll lift them in your own damn time. Unfortunately they won't stop saying those sort of ahhh 'encouraging' words of wisdom but you can simply ignore them and understand yourself and your convictions and know that in your own time you will feel a bit better about the whole thing, but for right now you are hurt and just want to be alone which is probably a good thing.

    All families are the like that though, but mate your young, so young and should not even be thinking about that stuff. Life is not just about settling down with someone and having kids, there is so much more experience out there. Do those other things. Work on your career or study or travel or move to a different city. Meet people, try different food, put yourself out there for experiencs and not relationships. Along the way you might find someone who makes you happy, you never know.

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      My views won't change, I understand you mean well but I've lost hope in love and I've given up on it. Thanks for the advice though.