How to catch a girl's attention.

Well, I am not popular in my school, but neither she is. Is there anything I can do to catch her attention? Like new clothes, new shoes or anything?


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  • If I don't talk to you on a regular basis, if you're not even an acquaintance, I'm not going to notice any changes you make appearance-wise.

    If you don't know this girl very well, start a conversation with her. You can just say hi, or you can comment on a book she's reading or something. Find common ground to start a successful conversation.

    Another great way to catch her attention if you don't know her is to compliment her. Not on anything inappropriate, mind you. If she's wearing a nice shirt, tell her that. Note that you may want to avoid that comment if her top is pretty low cut.

    If you do know her, then you can catch her attention with an outrageous change in appearance. This may not always get a positive reaction, though. Clothes may be a bit subtle, unless you go from wearing all black to wearing... I don't know, bright pink.


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  • just talk to her, hang out with her more. be friendly, the usual stuff. you could try a new outfit. I sometimes do , but then I just like shopping in general. just do what you're kewl with. a new hat, shirt, w/e if you want. just be you

  • I was never really what you would consider popular either. For me it wasn't the material things about guys that caught my eye. It was the cute little things he did. I absolutely love it when a guy smiles at me every single time I see him. Not just a hey what's up, but a cute smile always caught my eye. Funny little jokes or comments caught my attention too. I always fall for the nice guys, so do nice little things, even if it's like holding the door open for her (but then again some girls hate that ... so you might have to take your chances there) or other nice things. These little things show that you have a great personality and that you are a nice. I'm not saying every girl looks for this because of course there are girls out there who want the best dressed muscular model like guy hahhaa. But for me and I'm sure many other girls it's the personality that counts most. [= Good Luck!

  • The best way to attract a girl's attention is by your behavior. pay attention to her, I mean extra attention.make meaningful eye contacts.Try to be around her more. Talk to her, say hi and smile

  • no. what ever you do, don't change your look. that may make her think your showing off. just be nice and show her you care about her.

  • I'm not popluar in school, so a guy always catches my attention when he's super nice to me. When he's not afraid to be a little crazy around me. When I'm cold he gives me his sweatshirt. And he gives me new songs to listen to. You don't have to change your aperance for a girl. But you can never go wrong with nice shoes.

  • Don't change your look at all unless it is under her influence. My one major tip is to strike up a conversation with her. Find out what she likes, hates, etc. Just smile at her every once in a while (but not in a creepy way) and say hi to her in the hall. She's probably more likely to notice the sweet guy who isn't pushing the attraction. That's the other thing. DON'T PUSH IT! You've still got time to get to know her. Just be the guy who she can actually talk to without being pressured about dating, and she'll be more likely to say yes if you do ask her.

  • You don't have to change you clothes or anything like that, just if you're really nervous to talk to her, ask her to borrow a pen or pencil and start a conversation with that. And you could compliment her on how she looks one day and tell her she looks really pretty, TRUST ME YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THAT!

  • its not about the clothes.just talk to her show her that you like talking to her.make her doesn't matter if you are popular or not.seems like you need some self confidence.even if you aren't popular you could be a great loving person show her that.

  • Lock eyes with her while you are walking down the hall. You can start a conversation with her too, that probably the best way to get noticed.

    • Okay what if they're both shy? This kid is in High school maybe in middle school, he's got a while to go before doing these things.

    • Just give her a little smile while in the hall or during class.

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  • The best thing you can do is to smile at her

  • yes. Try these shirts they're dope never failed me.


    Also go to the gym at least 5 times a week.

    Research abs exercises you can do. like you tube -abs exercises-

    groom yourself nicely. girls in general don't like too much facial hair.

    get some Oxyclean. and use on yourself whenever needed(to keep skin clear)

    Also get showers right after working out. (essential)

    get into sports at school, that's usually the best way to meet new friends.

    Socialize, have fun, make yourself attractable to other women.

    Try picking up a guitar, chicks love it.

    All these things you can do to catch a girls attention. There are hundreds more, but you must be disciplined and determined on your goals. Don't give up and remember to always keep a positive outlook.

    • Yeah those shirts are awesome! And I do love guys that play guitar.

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    • HAHAHAHA made my day

  • perhaps start a convo with her?

    shoes and clothes won't mean nothing tbh =L

    • Only if they're good friends. If they don't know each other she may think he's stalker or something, get what I mean.

    • I would say well it doesn't matter if you change your physical appearence if she doesn't know who you are. so you shoud start by making eye-contact with her and then approach her and well changing your appereance is for you not for her to boost your confidence and if she notices you before your change then definitely a keeper. Do as you please just be comfortable if you change don't get into peer pressure,or act like some1 you aren't after.

  • Surprise buttsecks her.

  • just be yourself and here's a nice tip... flirt with all the girls but not too much, once you begin to like one flirt a bit more with her than other girls...and no its not a player move, just a way to find the right girl for a decent guy...worked for me.

  • Try saying "Hi." That'll get her attention. What do you say after that? Anything that's not creepy. Don't be a chicken.