What really attracts teenage guys..?

Yeah I know it's important to have a good personality and everything. But what is it that attracts you to a girl?


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  • You look like you have a nice face so that;s working for you.

    A girl that smiles, makes eye contact, and is friendly will generally attract teenage boys, as well as guys in general. Unless he's a total manchild, it's not like teenage boys are seekers and destroyers of the vagina. Many teenage boys do get intimidated by the idea of actual sex, so acting like a whore won't always give you positive results. It will for a few boys, but I'm guessing you want to attract a certain boy.

    Being nice, friendly, and open will get you in the door in almost any circumstance.


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  • well you're really pretty (:

    but yeah it's all about looks, specially for teenage guys we tend to be really shallow in our tastes, only when we grow up a bit do we care about personality and tastes I think.

    but personality is just as powerful, I like someone that's outgoing/silly/flirty/etc

  • A nice smile. What do you think we think of a chick who just had a blank stare all the time? And and cute butt and pretty eyes.

  • Well the girl has to be attractive, but it's more then that. They have been attractive girls that I thought were pretty but I did not "like then" certain girls just have a difference to them that I can't put down.

  • Attraction is almost entirely about looks. However luckily for you guys tend to be much less picky than girls. At your age though a larger number of guys than you realize are still very shy, maybe you should be a bit more proactive in showing that you are interested when you meet someone.

  • Well personality which you said. You have to look good and you have that covered. How do you usually dress?

    • Like a normal person... ha ha (:

  • it's all about looks. you're cute so you shouldn't have any problems.

  • Someone who doesn't shave off all their pubic hair. Because that is child-like.

    • really wow that doesn't even make sense. She isn't asking about having sex with them rather she is asking what attracts them. Of course there is always one guy that goes there.

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