Are White people the most attractive race?

I see many people on hear saying they're only attracted to White guys or White girls, and White's seem to be the most sought after race when it comes to interracial dating. At least from what I've observed.

So what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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Also, state your preference.
Are people afraid of being seen as racist or something? Every other thread I see people (Particularly women) who say their preference is White. Just be honest, it's only preference?


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  • lol no

    If anything white people seem to be the most insecure people in the world.

    Is it happenstance that they have had this way of making it seem as if every other ethnic group is inadequate while they uplift their own images? Yet many white men obsess over penis size and say they won't date a white girl who has had a black penis in her lol! which is the source of extreme, painfully low self-esteem and the fear of being compared and losing. White women swaggerjack the tratis of so many different ethnic groups; the tan skin of Latinas, the silky, straight hair of many Indian and Asians, the lips and ass of black females? Yet they are the most attractive? Lol, brainwashing is a powerful thing!

    • @update: I don't have a racial prefrence. I think racial preferences are for...

      A. sheep like people with limited vocabularies who parrot what they've heard because they are either too lazy or too uninteligent to form their own ideas as to why they are attracted to who they're attracted to.

      B. Prejudice people who want to mask and excuse their ugly ignorance with the word 'preference'

      C. small minded dumb asses who essentially reduce their possibilities because they're so hung up on acnestry.

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    • OMG...Empress Me you are great lol :)

    • lol! thanks :D

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  • I personally don't think any race is more attractive than the other.

    It all has to do with preference and what you like.

    I definitely think that a lot of people will say yes, to your question because there is still a lot of racism in this society. There are still a lot of people with colored skin (by this I mean, Indian, black, asian, Hispanic etc.) that bleach their skin to be lighter or more accepted in their society.

    Not just that I even notice when black artists go main stream their skin tones usually gets far lighter than when they first came out. They put on blond wigs and wear contacts most of them (because the white standard of beauty is still around).

    Ex. Nicki Minaj



    A lot of races are trying to look more towards white because of the society we still live in.

    But me personally, I love all races and think they can be exotic in their own way.

  • I don't know about that, I've seen some PRETTY sexy arab people ha ha and some Japanese boys Ooo!

    I think maybe its a cultural thing, I don't think I would actually want to marry someone whos not white. I would be afraid id have to change my religion or customs for them.

    It is strange though, have you seen the experiment where the little black girl wants the white doll over the black doll because its 'prettier'?

    Im sure scientists have come up with some reason involving evolution or instincts.

    I have heard guys say tey like Asian women because of their baby face and womans body..

    • That's not because the doll is prettier; that's because the little black girl has been brainwashed by the white dominated media that the white doll is prettier. The little black girl is subliminally told that her features are not as good when a very white media posts images of white girls being prettier and shows commercials suggesting that straight, silky hair should be the target for all women. Then the girls who are said to be beautiful that are black look more white.

    • So it's not that the little doll is actually prettier, it's that the little black girl, the little Asian girl, the little Hispanic girl, the little Indian girl, and the little Biracial girl are being told that their features aren't AS pretty.

  • Ahahahahaha no. I think black women are. Especially Caribbean. They're gorgeous and very confident powerful women.

  • @ anonymous who insists I blocked you because I'm a coward, yet you won't even show your face :) if you were bold enough to show who you are, then I would gladly, openly tell you why I blocked you and chose to make sure you don't have anything to do with my GAG activity :)

    I'm far from cowardly; I don't have to hide my identity to voice my opinions, unlike you. I came here voicing a very bold perspective that surely some people may be a tad bit offended by and I address you without hiding behind anonymity yet I'm cowardly lol okay, whatever makes you feel better about being blocked.

  • I don't think there is a "most attractive" race. I just think that most people like their own race, and in the English speaking world, most people are white.

    • And personally I prefer white guys. I love colored eyes.

  • Us mixed people are the best looking and superior to all of you white and black full breeds

    totes kidding

    Most people on here are white or from Europe or Canada, so of course whites are the most attractive

    Interracial relationships only make up less than 10% of relationships in America so in the end people tend to stick to their own

    • LOVE the Peggy Bundy avy!

    • Thank you!

  • It depends on people's preferences. Everybody likes different things.

    • And what is your preference?

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    • Yes, it would be better for me.

    • No worries, just sent it. I'm shooter

  • That's because there are mostly white people on this site.
    There are attractive and unattractive people in all races

  • No Africans are!

  • To the majority of men who are brain washed by the media ? Yep, but whatever,People like what they like.

    There are attractive people from every race, you didn't see all the women/men around the world.when someone dates a white person, he/she doesn't date him/her because he/she is white , I don't think that they even think about this.

    • I have no preference when it comes to this. I don't even think about it.

    • I have no preference, I don't care how I may look to others, I never think of this , really.

      in terms of looks, many Indian men are so handsome, I like also some Asian men like Koreans but not the girlie Korean men, some hot black guys, middle eastern handsome men, Latinos and Hispanics...etc Many girls date white men not because they are white or because they are that much attractive, trust me.

  • Most often I actually am attracted to people of nationalities other then America.. Espcially Spanish/Cuban/Chilean, and Russian.. There have been some Asians and of course some white too.. It really depends on the person though. A lot of it for me is also the personality. I find a person more attractive, if they have a nice personality.

  • Theres attractive people in every race.

    • Who is your preference?

  • LOL well we all know they age faster than anyone else. I would say anyone mixed is the most attractive

  • No I think Filipinos are

  • I think so.

  • Mexicans are

  • I think a lot of white people are attractive, but I've also seen plenty of attractive Latinos, Hispanics, Asians, and the "darker" European races. I think every race has attractive people. But I'm personally attracted to the naturally white to tan complexions.

  • Question Asker, what is your preference?

    • I didn't expect this, what makes you ask?

    • You're asking everyone else lol what is yours?

  • Yes there will be whites or any other race that wants to date there own race, and what their future generations to do so...most of the people preferring their own race is gonna die off...funny thing is ever heard of the term "the world is browning" matter how much white people who only want white people to date white people only hate it...the world is having more and more mixed race babies and that's gonna keep on growing...this mentality that white is better is brainwash...I don't care for race, most white guys I seen and know are ugly...sooo I answered No... I like latin men way f***ing more...and I know some idiot will say that there is Caucasian in latin men...well scientifically so in Indians as well...sooo for f*** sake...white people are insecure wow ..i agree with BA btw

  • Yes, but Hispanic men are hot too

    • My preference is white though

    • Thanks for sharing

  • the love of my life is white(Irish). But I have dated black guys,Mexicans, etc... I think white is attractive because it is the most widely excepted, least discriminated race in America... So basically people want white kids and have been brainwashed into thinking white is better.

  • at the risk of sounding racist, no. there are some attractive white people, but most white people are rather plain, and the attractive ones usually have features of other races. also most of them age in dog years.

    i do find whites like cintia d***er and ryan lochte attractive, but overall I don't find myself attracted to white men I see in public or thinking "thats a pretty white girl" when I see a white girl in public, sorry. natural redheads are the best looking genre of white people, I don't think they get enough credit.

    my preference is Latino men.

  • Hell no!

    White is my least favorite race when it comes to physical appearance. Every time I have liked a white guy based on physical appearance alone I have always found out that they were mixed (1/4 Thai, 1/8 Native American, 1/16 black, ect.)

    I personally have a thing for Asian guys (not Chinese though.. they're just as unattractive as white people in my opinion) but for me the more mixed somebody is the better. I think that if you can't pinpoint exactly what race somebody is that's the sexist thing on earth.

    • Adding: I think that what a lot of people seek is mixed babies (because they are truly beautiful) so I think that's why a lot of girls go after white guys.

      I think that it's all personal preference though. One of my best friends go crazy over white guys, the other goes crazy over rednecks (which is super weird to me), another LOVES black guys. I don't think that any one race is more sought after than the rest though

  • Aside from white people being the dominant group in the west and the medias influence on what is attractive, it's largely a personal thing depending on your background and experiences with people and your personal psychology.

    I'm black and as far as men are concerned, I definitely prefer white guys. I'm not really into black guys but this isn't a common preference among black women at all. I'm bisexual and I don't really have a preference there. I guess if I had to pick a group of women I am least attracted to, it would be Asian women. Having said that, I am attracted to many Asian women. The next person may disagree with me. In fact I'm sure a lot of people find Asian women to be gorgeous and the best in terms of looks.

    Also regardless of my preferences, it doesn't mean I literally think white people are the most attractive objectively. There's a difference. I can recognize lots of attractive people, in my opinion, and not be personally attracted to them in a sexual or romantic context. That's not the same thing as thinking white people are better looking than everyone else on average because I definitely don't agree with that.

    I also think race blankets things a lot. Not all groups of "white people" look the same or share the same common features. Someone may not really be attracted to blond, pale men but love the olive skinned, Mediterranean men. Just like not all Asians look the same or black people or "Latinos" (not a race), etc. and there's the individual factor and the fact that there are tons of unattractive white people, imo. Like, a lot of them. In certain environments, I feel like I'm better looking than 99% of the white people in the room. Other situations, not so much. So when people say things things its often considering only part of the equation, unless you just think paper skin looks better, or something along those lines, then you will probably favor one group above everyone else. And I mean aside from preferences, but I guess it's true in that sense too. I don't think white guys are better looking in general but I'm definitely more attracted to them in terms of sex or relationships. But I'm also attracted to guys of other races, just not many black guys. I don't think black men are the least attractive objectively, aside from my preferences though. I can see beauty in all kinds of people and a lot of black men are very attractive. But I'm not usually attracted TO them...

    Tell me if I'm making any kind of sense lol

    • *paler skin is more attractive. Boo for typos!

    • @ your update - well, you didn't really ask, "what is your preference?"

      You asked if we thought whites were the most attractive race. I think there's a difference, as I said in my answer.

      Also, you can't really assume that all the same people are answering. Many many people don't think whites are most attractive nor do they prefer white partners. Could just be the luck of the draw - your question may be getting more answers from those who don't or those with no preference

    • But sure, some people in the world are afraid of being racist. But I think everyone here seems straight forward about their preferences. Some people have said they prefer white. It seems you may not be getting as many affirmative answers as youd hoped though lol

  • I prefer Hispanic men. I've dated white guys but there is too much difference between us. I'm Hispanic my self and I'm approached by men of all races, including white men most of the time, but white men don't like that I'm involved in my culture and that I will not stop because it embarrasses them. I'm too proud of my culture and heritage to drop it for any man. I also don't like guys who are embarrassed of their own culture or race, its a huge turn off.

    One thing I have noticed is that French men find me very attractive though. O.O so maybe its just American white men that act the way I have described. If I do ever date a white guy again, its gonna be a foreign one.

    Also most of the people on here are white, so of course they are gonna say their own race is the most attractive. Every race is beautiful, it is the western media that tries to make it seem only white is beautiful by not celebrating the beauty of other races. And we mold our ideas of beauty from the media.

  • In our culture, yes, white is considered part of the beauty "ideal."

    Ask a culture that doesn't have access to our television, our magazines, etc. and they would disagree.


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  • I.clicked yes by mistake but my real answer would be that there isn't really an answer to this. Everyone likes something different grin the next, I'm a white Latino and find different races attractive. I'm attracted to white girls but I'm more often drawn to girls if other races.

    I guess it could seem that the bias is on whites as the most attractive though because generally the west is mostly white so expect that to be the most common to go for as with any race as the majority

    • Don't take this the wrong way, but what is a "White Latino"?

    • Well "Latino" is a term that originates from a small tribe within central Italy (I'm Italian). It is an ethnicity as is Hispanic but getting into both will take too long however both have white European origin (a nationality, race and ethnicity are completely different, you can have Hispanics and Latinos of every race. Modern day original Latinos still reside in Italy, in fact Latin cultures inherit their Latino identity as their ethnicity through being countries that were once under Roman rule

    • Or inherited the culture. for example a Brazilian can be any race but their ethnicity is Latino however are not Hispanic. In fact two cultures that tend to have two completely different races that are both Hispanic would have the Bbest example of Argentina that us primarily white and Cuba that is primarily black however both maintain the ethnicity of Hispanic

  • White is right!

    White powah!

    White frosting!

    White bread!

    White disposable spoons yeah!

  • Second update answer: Nope. It's not about hiding racism. It's about knowing that hot women are hot no matter where their ancestors are from, and that hotness is made up of a whole lot of things besides just ethnically keyed features.

  • Mixed race girls are the hottest to me. I'm not that particular about racial traits though.

    • You're going to offend people with this. White guys and girls on here hate when a guy could find a group of non-whites more attractive than them

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    • It true

      Any time a white guy or girl on here expresses attraction to non-whites, the guys go nuts and start making the "once you go black you're not welcome back" or get all butthurt over it

    • Lol! I've seen hotties of every race and I've seen butt-ugly folks too. If I have to pick I'm going for the strong genes that come from a varied genetic background.

  • Nah.

    White just dominates the western world.

    Most people date within their race so naturally, most people in the west are whites dating whites. Then add all the people in minorities with a preference for whites and it seems like a big deal.

    Esthetically, all races have both attractive and unatractive features, depending on personal preferences of course. Maybe there is a socio-economic factor that attracts people, but that is not what you are asking.

    • From the Caribbean Islands, to China, to India, to Mexico, to ______ (Insert here), there are more and more individuals stating that they prefer White men/women. Some even wish to date them, but are afraid they cannot, such as Asian men and Indian men (Who do not reside in America).

    • So? I bet half of Europe would like to date a Latina/Latino.

  • I don't really have a preference. In terms of white women, I like them, but never in my life has a white woman found me to be attractive

  • I don't think so (and I'm white). I've seen beautiful women of all races. I have a thing for Latinas especially.

  • I've been attracted to white girls, Mexican girls, and some Asian girls, but most of the time its been white girls mainly because most of the girls I know are white. Not really sure if I have a preference.

  • White people are not the most attractive race to me, but they have power in this world and promote themselves globally in the media. This is especially the case in East Asia, where whites are seen as angels that can do no wrong (and Blacks are seen as demons that can do no right).

    Whites colonized the world and to this day are in control, so they are put on a pedestal. In an objective-subjective way, whites are the most attractive race because they have the power to make their opinions "fact".

    Protect yourselves at all times.

  • everyone is entitled to a preference right?

    right now my preference is white

    • Right, everyone's entitled to a preference.

  • There are attractive girls in every race.

    • What is your preference?

  • I believe so, but I also think that white people can be the ugliest race too.

    • What do you mean?

    • If I were to think of the most beautiful woman ever - she would be white.

      But if I had to think of the most ugliest woman ever, she would be white too.

      Get it?

  • I meant to click no but accidentally clicked yes

  • I absolutely think so and know so but I also believe many people are hurt of even accepting this fact that they try to convince themselves that this is not true. Accept I the beauty is more present in one race than the others doesn't mean you're a racist it means you're a strong individual, intellectual and realist.

    We live in a society where we have to , we are forced to see and accept beauty in everything and if you dare to not agree in seeing "beauty" in a minority you're condemned.

    And I'm not not even white. Just saying

  • I love women

  • Whites girls and Latinas... HHNNNNNNGGGGG!

    But there are also lots of attractive women from other ethnicities.

  • Yeah until the Chinese take over.

    I'm black and prefer black girls

    • What about all the Chinese girls flocking to White men? They even have a saying for that, praising her "achievement."

    • I think that is completely stupid for anyone to believe that because an Asian girl is dating a white guy, that is an "achievement." And I say, shame on the parents/family/people that would put this kind of garbage into someone's head. It should be about finding love, and if the person happens to be white, black or whatever, it shouldn't matter.

    • Don't forget there are a lot of very lovely, beautiful Chinese women :) some of whom I sure could make you very happy

  • I'm only attracted to white girls and I think most people at least prefer white people so I voted yes

  • Fer sure

  • White people do dominate tv, movies, music, fashion, celebrities etc.