Are White people the most attractive race?

I see many people on hear saying they're only attracted to White guys or White girls, and White's seem to be the most sought after race when it comes to interracial dating. At least from what I've observed.

So what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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Also, state your preference.
Are people afraid of being seen as racist or something? Every other thread I see people (Particularly women) who say their preference is White. Just be honest, it's only preference?


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  • lol no

    If anything white people seem to be the most insecure people in the world.

    Is it happenstance that they have had this way of making it seem as if every other ethnic group is inadequate while they uplift their own images? Yet many white men obsess over penis size and say they won't date a white girl who has had a black penis in her lol! which is the source of extreme, painfully low self-esteem and the fear of being compared and losing. White women swaggerjack the tratis of so many different ethnic groups; the tan skin of Latinas, the silky, straight hair of many Indian and Asians, the lips and ass of black females? Yet they are the most attractive? Lol, brainwashing is a powerful thing!

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      @update: I don't have a racial prefrence. I think racial preferences are for...

      A. sheep like people with limited vocabularies who parrot what they've heard because they are either too lazy or too uninteligent to form their own ideas as to why they are attracted to who they're attracted to.

      B. Prejudice people who want to mask and excuse their ugly ignorance with the word 'preference'

      C. small minded dumb asses who essentially reduce their possibilities because they're so hung up on acnestry.

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      OMG...Empress Me you are great lol :)

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      lol! thanks :D