Did this girl want my attention and for me to approach her?

After some laps on the track, I moved onto the side to do some pushups and sit ups. There was this girl running on the track, and whenever she passed me by, she did a few running jumps like this link She passed me by twice, so she jumped like this twice right next to me. She was attractive and wearing shorts.

I decided to run a couple more laps on the track for a longer workout, and then walked my entire last lap. On my last lap (I’m walking now), and the girl suddenly changes her direction. She’s going opposite my direction now as if to meet me face on. I’m in lane two, and she’s in lane one, and we’re about to pass each other.

I actually had a lot on my mind, just wanted to exercise, and wasn’t in the mood for conversation or anything else, so I just gave a little smile as we walked past each other.

Do you think she wanted to get my attention and approach her?


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  • You'll never know until you try. I always error on the side of assuming attraction with girls, as very few of them will make the first move. Go for it. If she says no, just finish your workout. Better than to go home and wonder forever what she was really thinking.


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  • you are thinking too much into it, she could have just been being friendly, you should have just talked to her, find a way... and just do it, don't hold back:)

  • It's possible she was only exercising.

  • yess she definitely wanted your attention:)


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