Why do girls get upset when men whistle at them?

Men only whistel at the girls who have made a lot of effort to look attractive--maybe too much efffort, in terms of showing a lot of skin, often...so why do they get so upset when men show their appreciation? it's not like anyone is physically approaching them or harassing them...?


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  • Some girls love that kind of attention and some don't.

    its actually no big deal, it depends on the girls point of view about it.

    some take it as a compliment and some take it as an insult.

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  • It is harassment.its disrespectful.i'm not a dog so don't whistle at me. You have to realize that not every woman cares about getting your attention.if you think I look good, that's nice but keep it to yourself and let me go on about my day minus the harassment

    • harassment would be if we threw them a bone and asked them to fetch!

  • Because it is rude

  • An under the breathe whistle of sorts from my boyfriend when I've just finished getting ready for a night out is okay, I can accept that and take it as a compliment.

    However coming from random men on the street, it has always been a high-pitched noise followed by finger snapping or derogatory comments, so yes I find myself feeling as though I am being treated like a dog, and it's not fun. I don't get mad with them, but I still find it degrading and appreciate it when someone takes the time to compliment me properly, ie not in a way they would call their dog.

    • No, we say, 'here boy..'

  • I don't get upset, I just ignore it. When I'm in a bad mood I just think: I'm not a dog, so no need to whistle.

    When I'm in a normal mood, I can't be arsed.

    When I'm in a good mood, I could feel flattered, depends who whistles.

    • Well, we know you don't come or fetch...

    • Apparently not all of you do...

  • The effort is usually meant to impress a certain guy -- or certain type of guy -- and so when unwanted attention is given, the girl bristles at the awkwardness of the moment.

    • This makes the most sense.

    • Thanks. It happened to me one morning. I stepped out the door and there it was -- pure reaction. Trouble is that I'd dressed up to meet someone mid-day. I knew I looked nice, though perhaps not whistle-worthy, esp from a stranger. I was a little surprised and uncomfortable walking to the end of the block...

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  • cause they are not dogs!

    lol, just kidding...

    i think is just arrogance. I mean over here in America is all the governments fault for enforcing so much nonsense on society; to them whistling at women is sexual harassment and women themselves actually play along and believe that.

    another reason is probably self esteem. maybe they don't know how to act when you whistle at them, so they get frustrated and get tons of tension from that

    • Of course not! A dog would come when you gesture.

  • women hate harrassment

    • What happens if a guy drives up and leers at them from his Porsche?

  • A reason I see a lot is that they are dressing how they want to dress and don't like receiving 'THAT' kind of attention for it. makes them feel like a piece of meat

    • And they dress as if they were a piece of meat! Those are the ones who get whistled at.

  • The reason women get upset by unwanted sexual attention is because those guys are getting it for free. Think about it. Since the day they turn 13, women are bombarded by attention. Heaps and heaps of attention by men of all ages simply for access to what they’ve got between their legs: a vagina. Let’s not forget that time equals money. Attention from a man is a monetary gift.

    When a guy starts angling to get off with a girl for free, it infuriates her because it lowers her price. If one guy gets it without paying, maybe the next guy will do the same.

    • Yes, it's getting to the point where they charge just for looking, right!