Does anyone else have this problem with flirting/relationships?

Ok so every guy I've flirted with I totally ruin everything. If we are texting or talking and he says something so nice or compliments me I don't believe it, and when I send flirty texts I like throw my phone on the floor and start laughing at how weird it was! But also when a guy says anything not nice, like cocky or anything I HATE it too! No matter what guys say I find something wrong and I feel like I just don't trust them and I am scared I'll never actually like anyone!


Most Helpful Guy

  • don't text ANY more.

    Thats a horrible way to do it

    Just talk in person and over a table where you face each other

    No emailing either

    no smiley faces or any of that garbage

    yes, its stupid

    you're paying for that too

    so who's the fool?

    You're a contrarian and you need to be alone