Does anyone else have this problem with flirting/relationships?

Ok so every guy I've flirted with I totally ruin everything. If we are texting or talking and he says something so nice or compliments me I don't believe it, and when I send flirty texts I like throw my phone on the floor and start laughing at how weird it was! But also when a guy says anything not nice, like cocky or anything I HATE it too! No matter what guys say I find something wrong and I feel like I just don't trust them and I am scared I'll never actually like anyone!


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  • don't text ANY more.Thats a horrible way to do itJust talk in person and over a table where you face each otherNo emailing eitherno smiley faces or any of that garbageyes, its stupidyou're paying for that tooso who's the fool?You're a contrarian and you need to be alone

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  • I don't see how girls can mess things up with a guy. We know if we like you or not the moment we see you.

    • Not even gonna argue with you. I've seen your posts, you're even more of an idiot than I am.

    • umm girls can and do mess up.

    • We are like that. Very different than you girls are. But at your age, its harder to tie a man down to a relationship, that's for sure.

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  • phones are expensive don't be throwing them on the floor. sounds like you're just going through puberty or something.

  • Hey mate , maybe me a little , but not anymore

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  • Well there must be a reason why you feel this way? Because we all come into the world oblivious & happy until something bad happens, we feel we can prevent it by being overly cautious over everything. But why prevent life? So what? Trust him. If he does something to break it then stop. Sure it will hurt sometimes but why live life if you don't put yourself into it 100%?