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Did a dumb thing, need some advice.

So I was on a trip and I met an awesome guy that treated me and well and we had hour long conversations during the trip. Knowing he had a girlfriend,... Show More

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  • your self esteem has nothing to do with it, he turned you down not because of you but because he was decent enough not to cheat on his girlfriend. But merry Christmas is fine saying that it isn't really a sign of anything lol, people text everyone on their contacts that nowadays.

    • Would it be bad if I did? Isn't there a reason why he hasn't contacted me?

    • no wouldn't be bad, and probably because like me, I cba to contact everyone I have ever spoke to just to say merry Christmas. go for it but don't expect him to suddenly fall madly and wildly in love with you lol

What Guys Said 3

  • Well you can be like Carrie, from Homeland. She just kept on going for the guy until he ultimately ended up divorcing his wife for her. I don't recommend it but its a possibility.

  • Leave it be and get on with your life, he shouldn't have had those long talks with you in the first place, maybe he was just been polite, guys do strange things when they are without their partners. Put yourself in his girlfriends shoes, would you like your boyfriend talking to a female stranger?

    There is nothing wrong with your self-esteem, what were you wishing to happen?

What Girls Said 1

  • You could send him a message on Facebook, some people have it set in that everybody can message them. Or you could text him, if you have his number and if not... I'm afraid the best thing to do is leave it and him. He has a girlfriend, so best thing to do is back off and distract yourself so you could forget about him.

    Could be he's not contacting you because he felt it was a fling, something he shouldn't have done since he has a girlfriend.

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