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Are girls attracted to guys in the Navy?

Or really, just military in general. Got a few friends who are in the Navy and they are just easily scoring women <_<

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  • -Men in uniform are handsome, also usually they are clean-cut

    -Usually military guys are more respectful, have good manners

    -Knowing that they are strong / protective can be a turn-on as well

    I don't know usually I don't like just drop everything and go for someone in uniform but I did work with a guy from the army once and I could see the appeal. (Though I think that was mostly because we had an insane amount of common interests and got along really well, lol. Things like being well-mannered and such at that point were just bonuses, if I had actually been interested in him and all that.)

What Girls Said 35

  • A lot of military guys are hot.nice bodies, strong, manly...yesssss

    Not saying every military guy is hot, but many of them are

  • Guys in uniforms are hot. Any uniform, really, lol.

    • Well within reason of course.

  • Military guys have a different personality. They are raised (via bootcamp and basic) with very strong, masculine features - they are always determined, confident, proud (especially of their country), and respectful (holding doors open, saying Ma'am/Sir, etc.). Couple that with the fact that they look amazing in uniform, and yeah, girls can have a thing for them. For me personally, I am attracted to the military personality, but not necessarily the uniform. To me, the uniform represents pride in one's country, which I admire, but also sacrifice and deployment.

  • I think we do. Well I do. They're very handsome. I liked this guy back in high school who was the captain of ROTC at our school. He ended up leaving to the marines right after our graduation. He was so awesome! :D

    I always see military guys around the area where I work. I think they stay at the hotels nearby. I think men in uniform, whether its the military, police officers, or firemen appeal to most women. Well, they do to me. :D

  • Yes because girls feel they are protective,strong and many of them also have nice,hot body.

    • I'm hotter :P

    • :P

  • I've been on an aircraft carrier before so obviously I was around a lot of navy folks. The guys I met were either really chill, arrogant, or distant. I personally don't find military guys as attractive anymore due to past experiences.

  • In general I believe that if you're in the military that you will find it a bit easier to get women. lol. XD

    Well I have mi own rating when it comes to who is more appealing. XD hahaha. Of course special ops forces will pretty much blow any other guy out of the water. =P

    Hope it helps.

  • overall? no. nothing really stamds out to me. I wouldn't want a guy in that profession becasue of the time it would take away from our family

  • Military guys are def hot. It's got that tough man protector thing that goes along with it, which obviously is attractive to women.

  • What kind of girls are they getting? Bottom of the barrel...or?

    This question is so broad...

  • Sadly, yes. Its sounds typical but they are just so f***ing hot and they have this whole 'hero' and tough guy thing going on without being dangerous...if that makes sense. I'm from Australia and I know a group of girls who fly up to Cairns when the American navy boys dock in Australia and apparently the girls throw them tennis balls onto their ships with their numbers on them haha.

  • For me no. I don't like men in the military.

  • Yes. Basically any job that requires a uniform for me xD

  • i think a lot of girls are attracted to a guy in uniform (regardless of military or police, fireman, doctor, mechanic, etc)

  • I am dating someone from the Army (stationed here in Germany) and I must say I he seriously has this calm, smart and heroic aura about himself...his posture, the way he looks and also the way he protects me and takes care of me...something I have never experienced with German guys.

    I don't know if it's his personality, the military or the latter forming these traits I admire, I really can't tell but he's one hot *&%$§), especially in his formal uniform!

  • Yes! A man in uniform is so attractive. The uniform gives them a sense of bravery and courage. It also gives them the image of a good protector. And what woman doesn't want a strong courageous man in uniform protecting them?

  • im not

  • Absolutely NOT. I know MANY MANY women who drool over men in the military. They say it is the uniform. Uniform or not I don't care. Military men are usually the guys in high school who barely graduated. The ones who took the easiest classes and just sat at home being lazy not helping with chores and not wanting to get a REAL job. Men who get my attention are the ones that work hard in their education, the smart guys who are into math who become intelligent members of society. Those are the kind of men I love.

    • Agreed

    • +1 but there are smart guys they just are in charge and not usually on front lines :P

  • Generally, yes and let me tell you why :)

    Military guys tend to be some of the best guys you'll ever meet. It's the discipline and good character that the military tends to bring out of people. I know this for damn sure because many of the men in my family are in the military and my boyfriend is at an Army college in NY, he owes 4 years to the Army after school. It's a little scary because they could get shipped off and come back physically, emotionally, and/or mentally damaged, but I can't help but admire the heart. To be honest, I'm a little worried because I plan on joining the Air Force soon here and I don't know if that will cause issues with distance in the future idk, but yeah, it's the confidence, muscles, and golden heart that I think many girls are attracted to. Plus the guys tend to be very protective.

  • Men in general who are in the military are attractive..I think it's the uniform. I guess it's a good thing because I'm enlisting in the Navy next month

  • I love men in uniform

    I'm actually more turned on by men in the Army or Marines :P but I know girls who like Navy men

  • From what I've seen, womendo seem to like men in uniform. I dated a guy in the army, but it wasn't anything to do with the uniform or his job.

  • No, they are are attracted to Men in the Marines ;D

  • yea totally, I don't know if I could deal with him being away though:/

  • Some are. But keep in mind a good majority of military boys abuse that

  • I know I'm a sucker for a man in military garb ;)

  • I think uniforms are hot!

  • In general, I've never met a man in the military that wasn't clean/well-groomed and physically fit. That makes them a lot more attractive, knowing that they care about themselves and they're strong/protective. I agree with what other people have said already. Especially Alessus.

    My ex-boyfriend's older brother is in the Marines and I found him to be very attractive. That might have had something to do with the fact he looked like my boyfriend at the time, but... you never know, haha!

  • hmm if he was asthetically attractie maybe. But his career path wouldn't get him any extra point.

  • Yes. they are f**king sexy! Something about the neatness just attracts us.

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What Guys Said 5

  • I was once stood up for a date, because a girl realized she had a chance with a man in uniform. So um yeah, girls are highly attracted to men in military.

  • obviously

  • Men in the Navy or military in general have attractive traits that appeal to women and are regarded as good in general. To be in the military usually you have to have. Discipline, respect for others, being a "team player", courage, honesty, dutifulness, patriotism as well as physical fitness are all regarded as traits that are commonly found in military personel.

  • yeah, a woman just needs a vagina in order to be girlfriend/relationship material

  • Navy owns. My close friend is in Navy ROTC and has slept around a lot lol. He's got a hot girlfriend now.

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