Are girls attracted to guys in the Navy?

Or really, just military in general. Got a few friends who are in the Navy and they are just easily scoring women <_<


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  • -Men in uniform are handsome, also usually they are clean-cut

    -Usually military guys are more respectful, have good manners

    -Knowing that they are strong / protective can be a turn-on as well

    I don't know usually I don't like just drop everything and go for someone in uniform but I did work with a guy from the army once and I could see the appeal. (Though I think that was mostly because we had an insane amount of common interests and got along really well, lol. Things like being well-mannered and such at that point were just bonuses, if I had actually been interested in him and all that.)

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  • A lot of military guys are hot.nice bodies, strong, manly...yesssss

    Not saying every military guy is hot, but many of them are

  • I am dating someone from the Army (stationed here in Germany) and I must say I he seriously has this calm, smart and heroic aura about himself...his posture, the way he looks and also the way he protects me and takes care of me...something I have never experienced with German guys.

    I don't know if it's his personality, the military or the latter forming these traits I admire, I really can't tell but he's one hot *&%$§), especially in his formal uniform!

  • i think a lot of girls are attracted to a guy in uniform (regardless of military or police, fireman, doctor, mechanic, etc)

  • Military guys have a different personality. They are raised (via bootcamp and basic) with very strong, masculine features - they are always determined, confident, proud (especially of their country), and respectful (holding doors open, saying Ma'am/Sir, etc.). Couple that with the fact that they look amazing in uniform, and yeah, girls can have a thing for them. For me personally, I am attracted to the military personality, but not necessarily the uniform. To me, the uniform represents pride in one's country, which I admire, but also sacrifice and deployment.

  • I think we do. Well I do. They're very handsome. I liked this guy back in high school who was the captain of ROTC at our school. He ended up leaving to the marines right after our graduation. He was so awesome! :D

    I always see military guys around the area where I work. I think they stay at the hotels nearby. I think men in uniform, whether its the military, police officers, or firemen appeal to most women. Well, they do to me. :D

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  • I was once stood up for a date, because a girl realized she had a chance with a man in uniform. So um yeah, girls are highly attracted to men in military.

  • Men in the Navy or military in general have attractive traits that appeal to women and are regarded as good in general. To be in the military usually you have to have. Discipline, respect for others, being a "team player", courage, honesty, dutifulness, patriotism as well as physical fitness are all regarded as traits that are commonly found in military personel.

  • obviously

  • yeah, a woman just needs a vagina in order to be girlfriend/relationship material

  • Navy owns. My close friend is in Navy ROTC and has slept around a lot lol. He's got a hot girlfriend now.