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Are we together or what?

So I confessed to this guy through text and he replied back saying he liked me too but he kind of stayed friends again because of me avoiding him.... Show More

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  • I guess he wants to take things slowly and want to know more about you to satisfy all his remaining doubts.

    Don't ask him, wait for him to say it. He's a really good guy, and I think the chemistry is already set. Waiting him to make the move is the only thing left in order to close the deal.

    If you ask him, that would come out as unattractive and would show that you're an easy-to-get girl, and that will give him the signal to pursue other girls and when no one will take him anymore, he'll come back to you.

  • It doesn't have to be really said that you're together, that can come later on. If you enjoy spending time together, that's what counts, then you can hash out the details in a convo.

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