Does my coworker (whom I like) like me?

This will be long.

He's a coworker I met almost 6 months ago. I'm 17, he's 20. He's a gamer kind of guy. The age difference doesn't bother him, because he dated a girl in my grade before.

He seemed disinterested in meeting any of the new employees when my group was hired, but he and I became friends pretty easily. Since then we've been to movies together about 5 times. One time we went just the two of us, but it wasn't a date. All of our coworkers were bugging us about it when we met up, though. "Oooh, are you on a daaate heehee" type thing. He always sits beside me in the theatre. A few times his friends had saved him a seat but he declined and sat with me anyway.

He kind of gravitates toward me at work and work parties.

He asked my opinion on whether he should aim to always be clean-shaven or if he should have some stubble. I told him a bit of stubble is hot and since then he's taken my advice religiously.

One time we were in a group talking at work and someone made a joke at me, and even though it wasn't intended to hurt my feelings, he defended me.

He and I do a lot of playful flirting, whether it be conversational or throwing crap at each other. Lame teenager stuff.

He asks me if I like a certain show, or comic book series, etc. and when I say no, he offers me his copy and has even said he'd buy it just so he could lend it to me.

He tells people he doesn't like conversational texting, that if there's no point to a conversation that he won't reply. He starts random, kinda irrelevant conversations with me. Not every day or anything, but a few times a week.

He makes jokes at me sometimes, and by the end of it he's always beaming. He smiles at me a lot, considering the fact that he's not a terribly smiley guy.

So I like him. I hope he's interested in me. Feel free to ask any questions about him/me. Anything.

Thanks so much for stopping by, even if you just skimmed through!

So all the answers here helped me build up courage, and I confessed to him of my crush. He was really nice about it. He's a great guy, really. He wasn't interested.

I'm not sure if he was leading me on or if he was just shooting for an awesome friendship. He said to me he doesn't want to ruin what we've got, and even though I had a sour mood for a while, I agreed. He's awesome and we have so much fun when we're together, so somehow I'm okay being friend-zoned. :) Thanks for your thoughts!


Most Helpful Guy

  • There's a possibility that he likes you. But some people are different and their actions may lean towards them liking you but in reality it could just be that he's being very kind in a friendly way.