Is she playing games? If not then what's going on?

I have a female friend who I care a great deal for as a friend and potently more. She turned me down when I asked her out. Then she became very close to me introduced me to her family. Started texting everyday, hanging out a couple of times a week. She often refers to our friendship as complicated.... Show More

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  • I think that there could be two options, firstly if she was in a controlling and probably emotionally abusive relationship she is having a hard time adjusting to not being in that kind of relationship. It really emotionally drains you when you are being controlled by someone because it makes you go crazy. Which would explain her freaking out on you because of something that may have happened to her a lot called "gaslighting". Soo.. there could be two options she is either not over her ex and is still hoping to be with him or she is confused by your actions and you being a nice person to her. Honestly, I would say that she is not over her ex and needs a lot of time and support to get through it... maybe that is where you come in because she gets support from you but not in the way you desire.