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Is she not interested if she doesn't date co-workers and is too busy?

At the time I asked my co-worker out (I'm not anymore) I had been texting her and we even hanged outside of work to a movie with a few friends. I... Show More

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  • sorry, but she's not interested. I think she says she doesn't date coworkers because she's trying to turn you down 'nicely'hope it helped! btw, could you answer my question plz?girlsaskguys.com/Dating-Questions/788178-men-plz-why-does-a-guy-say-m-single-i.htmltks!

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  • Sorry she's just not interested. Busy and don't date coworkers...those are standard excuses. Obviously she has time for friends and stuff...if she wanted you to be one of then you'd know. Why she hung out with you and led you on, I don't know. That's lame.

  • If it was me? I'm not interested. If I told you I don't date coworkers, then chances are I don't mix personal and work life. Too much possibility of a huge mess later on. Time to move on.

    • Agreed. If I am that upfront, I really don't mix business and personal. I found it is better that way and less drama.

What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, she's interested however work's more important for her at the moment. Keep her interested by allowing conversations to sprout between the two of you.

  • Shes not interested. If she was, then she wouldn't have made that comment to you.

  • She's not interested. Look closely at what she said, "Doesn't date co-workers". This is a fact that you can't change.Does she only reject you for these dates, but continues to hang out with you casually or with friends? If the answer is yes, then it's definite that she's not interested in you romantically, but doesn't want to spoil the friendship with you.If both of you don't hang out together with friends after both of you are no longer coworkers, then that means she might doesn't want to burn bridges; you are just a good networking reference.Don't push it. Continue whatever seems to be working, but don't wait for her. Until she is willing to make the next move, you are not going to get anywhere, so better focus your life doing what you like, and stop obsessing over her.

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