Can a woman be too good looking or 'out of a guy's league' for a guy to attempt to ask out?

In other words, can a guy just dismiss women he deems out of his league by being too attractive & thus too good for him?


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  • Lol. I hate it when guys call me out of their league. Or when my friends imply a guy is not 'up to par with my league'. Or imply that a guy may assume I'm out of their league. I'm not baseball dammit. I'm a girl. With you know...feelings. And a desire to be compatible with whatever guy that may know...compatible. whatever guy really sees me for me. The person I am. 'Leaguing' people is stupid. "I'm not even in your league." "You're way out of my league." How am I supposed to know what my 'league' is? Why am I supposed to select from some field bequeathed to me by others?

    And then if they're 'cute enough' they assume they're not 'mentally up to par'.

    That's exactly why I love my boyfriend. He didn't play me like a league. He got to know me, didn't play games. He doesn't treat me like some trophy. Though, he acted pretty shocked when I accepted a date. -_- lol But, I'm happy he did and didn't fear himself out of it, so he's pardoned. Lol.

    Basically, no one is in 'leagues', many who are considered to be 'in leagues' don't even subscribe to the theory. Not many care to be on a pedestal, and those who think they would, I can only assume they'd change their mind once they realize how boring the pedestal actually is.

    But of course, this is all just a matter of personal opinion perhaps.

    Go for it. You may be surprised at what you find out.


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  • Can a woman be too good looking or 'out of a guy's league' for a guy to attempt to ask out?

    Yes I find it amusing how often guys will rate gals into leagues yet are suddenly there's no such thing as leagues or out of his league when he wants someone hotter than him.

    In other words, can a guy just dismiss women he deems out of his league by being too attractive & thus too good for him?

    He can however in my observations such guys are few in numbers as I find most believe in leagues when it comes to judging gals not pursuing gals.

  • No there is no excuse for it, nobody is "too good for him" guys only say that because of low self-esteem, they should not think so low of themselves, just because a girl is pretty doesn't mean they are like those popular high school girls who wanna date all the popular jocks lol, no not really there are pretty and cute girls out there who are actually very smart and sweet, so I say to them go for it and take a chance, get to know ANY girl out there they feel may make a good mate and stop being scared, nobody knows and there is no way to plan out the scenario, you just gotta play your cards and hope the girl plays hers too.

  • If she subscribes to this belief system? Yes.

    If she doesn't? No.

    If you're courageous & mentally tough enough to deal w/rejection, then ask because you've got nothing to lose & everything to gain. Lots of women I know don't subscribe to the "I'm out of his league" idea (for them it's about whether or not they're actually attracted to the person), so I'm sure many guys have missed out due to the fear of it.

    Note: If he/she does think like that (that it's possible to be better than someone else), they're an elitist, so watch out.

  • Assuming you are the one who's decided she's out of your league how can you be sure she feels the same way? She probably doesn't see her self like that.

    I used to weigh 250lbs and no one gave me the light of day. Now I've lost A LOT of weight and all these random people like me and want to be around me and tell me I'm beautiful and all this flattery crap while I see myself as the exact same person as I did at 250lbs.

    Other people put us in leagues. We don't do it ourselves. Ask!

  • No! If my boyfriend had done that I would have never fallen in love with him. Who says she's out of your league anyway?

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  • Ideally, throw 'attempt to ask out' out of your mind.

    Instead, interact with women. Lots of women. Flirt a little. If they flirt back, and they're cute, flirt more. If the flirting goes well, and you want to ask them out, ask them out.

  • Yes.

  • With that attitude? Yes.

    Otherwise, just go for it. Worse case scenario, you get shot down and are in the same exact place you were before, single. Having the balls to go do it definitely doesn't guarantee a yes, but not doing it does guarantee a no. Just don't do it feeling like you're owed a yes and getting all butt hurt when/if she says no.

  • possibly

  • yes obviously

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