Can a woman be too good looking or 'out of a guy's league' for a guy to attempt to ask out?

In other words, can a guy just dismiss women he deems out of his league by being too attractive & thus too good for him?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol. I hate it when guys call me out of their league. Or when my friends imply a guy is not 'up to par with my league'. Or imply that a guy may assume I'm out of their league. I'm not baseball dammit. I'm a girl. With you know...feelings. And a desire to be compatible with whatever guy that may know...compatible. whatever guy really sees me for me. The person I am. 'Leaguing' people is stupid. "I'm not even in your league." "You're way out of my league." How am I supposed to know what my 'league' is? Why am I supposed to select from some field bequeathed to me by others?

    And then if they're 'cute enough' they assume they're not 'mentally up to par'.

    That's exactly why I love my boyfriend. He didn't play me like a league. He got to know me, didn't play games. He doesn't treat me like some trophy. Though, he acted pretty shocked when I accepted a date. -_- lol But, I'm happy he did and didn't fear himself out of it, so he's pardoned. Lol.

    Basically, no one is in 'leagues', many who are considered to be 'in leagues' don't even subscribe to the theory. Not many care to be on a pedestal, and those who think they would, I can only assume they'd change their mind once they realize how boring the pedestal actually is.

    But of course, this is all just a matter of personal opinion perhaps.

    Go for it. You may be surprised at what you find out.