What on earth was he doing?

So I have a crush on this guy and we're good friends and we used to flirt a bunch and have long, deep conversations and all of that. Then one night he went out with some of his friends and got drunk and came back to our dorm with a girl and a guy. I had met the guy before briefly and he was super nice to me and was holding my hands and stuff. Then the girl walked over and my crush put his arm around her and she started telling me about how he hangs out in her room all the time. Then they left again and he came back later by himself. I asked how his night was and he was super cold to me. I thought maybe he just wasn't drunk anymore but then other people came and he was super silly. Then he asked my roommate (who he rarely talks to) to go watch a movie in his room with a bunch of people. All the while being super cold to me. Then I didn't see him for like, a week because of finals and I finally talked to him a little the day I left for break and we talked, but it wasn't the same. I haven't talked to him for all of break, too. What was going on with him? Did I do something wrong?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You didn't do something wrong.

    It might just that he lose attraction to you because he's seeing someone else already.