How do you deal with mixed signals?

I've gotten what seems to be both positive and negative signals coming from the same girl. I have a good case to just drop it and a good case to follow through with it but I'm not exactly sure which one to take. So guys and gals, how do you deal with mixed signals such as this?


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  • maybe you are sending her mixed signals too, try being forward, know what you want, be confident, and don't make her think that you only want to be friends (that is if you don't want to)


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  • It's difficult. I'm pretty stubborn so I usually try to push past it. But if it goes on for too long, I get extremely bored really fast. Like, say that it goes on for a month or two. I might be all for pushing through it during that entire time, but then one day I wake up and realize that I'm just sick and tired of it. So I drop it.

    If the girl you're chasing hasn't stopped sending you mixed signals over the course of a few months, you should probably drop it. Either she's just playing games with you (which can be fun for a short while, but tiring in the long run, and who's to say she'll stop once you get into a relationship?) or just really unsure of her own feelings (which isn't good either, because who wants to be with a person who can't decide if they truly like you or not...)

    I wish you the best of luck anyway! I hope she comes around soon enough.

  • A lot of girls give mixed signal unintentionally (some give them intentionally)

    I give those and like a guy and can't even help it.

    Distance yourself a little bit and see what she does.

    But what exactly did she do? Just curious

  • it just depends on what the signals actually are...hard to say, but give it a last try you have nothing to lose.

  • Dropping it is a good move because if she comes back with more attention its a good position for you, and if not then it didn't matter in the first place.

  • My co worker and I flirt so much, last weekend

    He said to me "u give me mix signals" " you confuse me"

    The reason why I do so is because I like him but I'm

    Afraid to admit it, and have something serious with him.

    Maybe she's like me, Idk!

    • that sounds just like me for sure. the guy I like says I'm a complete mystery. so this girl is right. she likes you and is afraid to admit it because she doesn't know if you like her back.

  • For men- mixed signals means he is not into you. For women, mixed signals means she is into you.

  • distance yourself from her and see how she responds...

  • just gather your courage and ask her. ask her out for coffee. don't let it carry on too long it will disappoint you more in the end.

  • She likes you but doesn't want to be too obvious

  • I move on to the next guy. I don't deal with people who give mixed signals


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  • I usually make one last effort and if it's still mixed I stop completely

    • i like this because maybe she feels uncomfortable chasing you...but if she responds well when you contact her, and agrees to hang out with you and actually follows through. she likes you.

  • You need to pursue other options,if you made it clear to her and she stills act like that

  • Step aside & walk away, but only do that if she knows you like her & you made it clear. She'll either show her true feelings if any or she will go for a new guy. If she ends up with someone else then you at least didn't waste your time & know for sure.

    Doing this has never failed me yet.