Guys - why do you compliment a girl?

Do you do it out of random feelings of genuine sincerity and because she deserved it? Or do you only compliment girls who you are attracted to?

  • Vote A She deserves it
  • Vote B I like her - and it is genuine!
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  • everyone is different

    all guys are perfectly aware that if you give a compliment to a girl won't just take it innocently, so a guy would NEVER say it just because a girl "deserved" it. there would be a reason, but I used to be a flirty guy and I know that some guys will say it just to flirt and have fun, and to gage your reaction which feeds their ego

    sum up, either they actually think that about you but they still had a hidden motive, or they are attracted to you. usually it'd be the second one.

    but I'm only speaking from personal experience of course