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Guys: if you ask a friend who is a girl to come out and visit you in another state....

Are you interested in her? My friend j wants me to come out and stay with him for a weekend next month. I'd be staying with him, doing everything... Show More

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  • I did this recently and it turned ugly. First it was great and then it got awkward. At first I went as only a friend but I started to fall for him (he liked me before I went). But when I fell for him, he started pulling away. Eventually we hung out one more time and then it just got really awkward and we haven't really kept in touch since.I would say its better to hang out especially before going on a long stay like that. Otherwise you may end up in a weird situation where neither of you know what is going on.

    • I don't know I he likes me... My gut says yes... What do you think? Is your gut usually right

    • Yes, and I never listen to it. Yet every time I wish I did haha. But honestly, your gut is almost always right. If there wasn't a reason to worry, you wouldn't worry, right?

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  • This is not an indication of him liking you.

  • How liberal are you and he? Would he want a fling or is he being serious. If you feel he is liberal and casual wait a little longer. Or just go for the fun of it and see what happens. Set the ground rules before you go ;)

What Girls Said 2

  • Im sorry but if he really liked you he would visit you in your state. Is he going to pay for traveling expenses?

    • He is coming to visit me. In March actually. But he wants me to see his new place and what not. An yes he is paying for me.

    • Then what are you waiting for? Pack those bags! Lol

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